[79] Some time later, in his new outfit, Zeref receives a report from Invel regarding the standing of their army. As the others leave, Makarov and Zeref then converse privately about the Dragon King Festival, Fairy Heart, and Alvarez Empire's origin. Bronze 1 86LP / 5W 7L . Meliodas (The Seven Deadly Sins) vs. Zeref Dragneel (Fairy Tail) Legend would tell you of fearsome individuals believed to be unstopable. [18], Nevertheless, Zeref is also shown to be a man of the people as the Emperor of Alvarez, and is shown to display good will and friendliness towards his generals and subjects, which is also reflected in their opinion of him, sincerely cheering and welcoming him as he returns to the capital after a long absence. [101], Law (ロウ Rō): Although he was never shown to use it, Zeref was the one who taught this supreme type of Black Magic to Mavis, in order for her to fight for her friends. [123], Telepathy (念話(テレパシー) Terepashī): Zeref has shown to be capable of using this Magic, contacting Larcade through the use of this Magic in order to cease his Magic. ; Etherious Natsu Dragneel. Zeref Dragneel. Fairy Tail Gray Fairy Tail Natsu And Lucy Fairy Tail Manga Fairy Tail Ships Anime Fairy Zeref Dragneel Gruvia Fairytail Death Note. He wishes to die to atone for all the sins he has committed, and may commit in the future. Rōmaji Zeref showed concern for others when he warned them not to come near him knowing they would most likely perish if they did; he once told Mavis he never chose to stay in one place or enter extended contact with living creatures. He is the founder and former Emperor of the Alvarez Empire,[4] under the alias of Emperor Spriggan (皇帝スプリガン Kōtei Supurigan), the older brother of Natsu Dragneel[5] and father of August.[6]. After The Grand Magic Games, Each Individual Day, Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia & Happy vs. Bora, Natsu Dragneel vs. Gajeel Redfox: Rematch, Natsu Dragneel, Gajeel Redfox & Wendy Marvell vs. Faust (Dorma Anim), Natsu Dragneel & Gajeel Redfox vs. Sting Eucliffe & Rogue Cheney, Natsu Dragneel & Gray Fullbuster vs. Mard Geer tartaros, Natsu Dragneel vs. Zeref Dragneel: Rematch, https://fairytail.fandom.com/wiki/Zeref_Dragneel?oldid=1024462. Joel McDonaldJustin Briner (Ep. Regardless Zeref was vindictive as he would punish those he believed or already knew beforehand to be evil, thought of as getting in his way or whose deaths he hoped would serve to his advantage often hurting and killing others without any real prior incentive and/or knowledge. He has short black hair, dark eyes, and abnormally sharp canines. Zeref with Natsu and their two parents. 400+[3] The Dark Mage gets ready to leave, leading Natsu to protest. At that moment, August walks in asking Zeref if he found his answer to Ragnarok, to which Zeref replies that in Ishgar Ragnarok is called the Dragon King Festival. The stories stated that at some point in the distant past, around 400 years ago, Zeref witnessed the deaths of many people. Bronze 1 . [17] While looking down at Tenrou Island, he ponders if it is time for the island's destruction as an enormous winged beast emerges from the clouds. He also passes down the "Fire Dragon King Mode" to Natsu Dragneel after his death. Zeref Dragneel (in Japanese: ゼレフ・ドラグニル, Zerefu Doraguniru), commonly known by his first name Zeref or title Lord Zeref is the main antagonist of the manga/anime series Fairy Tail. [124], Bullet Magic: A Magic that Zeref uses to produce ballistic projectile of Magical energy out of his finger. 's book beside him, wakes up from a dream about his time in the Mildian Magic Academy and addresses the book as Natsu, explaining that he once had a younger brother that died several years after birth, which resulted in him beginning his research into the connection between life, death and Magic. [33] Zeref then eventually learned of Mavis' non-living yet non-dead state that created Eternal Magic—Fairy Heart—and resolved to acquire it for his own purposes. [62] Zeref continues by explaining that he wasn't the one to establish Tartaros, but rather, it is a guild made by the Demons that he created, namely their master, E.N.D. He wears high-collared red (black in the anime) and tan robes with gold trim, along with a large, flowing white toga draped around his torso. Black [85], While the battle rages on, Zeref watches Irene's efforts to extract the Magic from Mavis, asking whether it will take much longer, as he expresses his distaste for Mavis suffering like that. Zeref Dragneel (ゼレフ・ドラグニル, Zerefu Doraguniru), also commonly known as The Black Wizard (黒魔導士, Kuro Madōshi), is a fictional character and antagonist of the Fairy Tail series. Summary Champions Leagues Live Game. Japanese Wall Eehto then reproaches Zeref for his selfish motive of trying to recover his former lover's body, but is told that Fairy Heart is a Magic and that Zeref's main motive is the annihilation of Ishgar. He shows concern for others when he warns them not to come near him, knowing that they would die if they did. Dec 16, 2020 #2 grey matter Registered User 有名人 / Yuumeijin / Celebrity. Zeref is then approached for the kill, but says that when he dies, Natsu will die too, for he is his creation, but despite Natsu's lack of care for his death, he is stopped by Happy and whisked away back to the guild. Nihilistic Misanthrope, ZerefThe Great Black Wizard ZerefThe Black Wizard ZerefThe Greatest Wizard Who Ever LivedSome Creepy CrybabyThat Tree-Killing GuyMister Doom and Gloom[The Grimoire Heart Guild's] QuarryThe Man Who Showed The World The True Potential of The Black ArtsThe True Champion of Wickedness[The Etherious'] Creator/Lord Zeref(The Dark) Lord Zeref[The Avatar Cult's] Dark Lord (Zeref)MasterThe Man in The ForestThe InstructorThe TeacherThe Legendary Black Wizard[The Alvarez Empire's Emperor] SprigganEmperor SprigganThe EmperorHis/Your MajestySprigganYou Hideous Soul, You DemonA Spriggan, A Being Most Grotesque and MonstrousBig BroFather, Wizard (formerly)Mildian Magic Academy student (formerly)Founder/first emperor of the Alvarez Empire (formerly), Intelligence and knowledgeMastery of manipulationSuperhuman strength, speed, agility, senses, stamina and durabilityNigh-immortalityAccelerated healing and regeneration processesTeaching and instructionNigh-indomitable willpowerOratory skillsCharismaIntimidationLeadershipStrategiesCombat and fighting skills/prowessMagicTeleportationBlack arts/magic/sorceryLife creation/imbuement (with Living Magic)Death inducement (with Ankhseram Black Magic)ImmobilizationTelepathyEnchantmentsChronokinesis (with Fairy Heart)Pyrokinesis. Vistarion (former) Tenrou Island (former) Destroying the forest with his Magic, Zeref smiles and internally concludes that his and Natsu's final battle is drawing near. Bowing his head, the Black Wizard tells the deceased First Guild Master this will be his gift to humanity, thereby allowing them to start anew. 311)Emily Fajardo (child) 3K Views. He also wears a pendant,[7][8] where he keeps a childhood picture of Natsu and himself. [80] However, he soon notices the change in the quality of the land's Magic and correctly pinpoints the reason for that to be Irene, worried about her intentions. Comment. It is unknown whether or not Zeref had recognized Precht as Hades. Before they can continue, Larcade appears and tries to put Natsu to sleep with R.I.P. ゼレフ・ドラグニル Despite Zeref's capability for evil he was a more tragic character once others knew him personally; this extended to the point that Mavis tried to cheer him up with her Illusions and while Natsu's opinions on his defeat didn't change at all after learning of their relationship his brother seemed to genuinely pity him enough to tell him (if rather angrily) exactly how he was wrong when it came to happiness. As Mavis ran away, in tears, Zeref thought to himself that she had the potential to "walk alongside him". Additionally, the knowledge of someone linked to his past with Mavis (and by extension Natsu) causing bad things to happen in the Magic World could've been the catalyst that spurred Zeref into meeting Grimoire Heart face-to-face. Type of Villain [24], Ultimately, the true tale of events became distorted with time, resulting in legends surrounding the now-dubbed Black Wizard. English Voice Shortly thereafter, the battle between Fairy Tail and Grimoire Heart begins, causing Zeref to wonder if another war is going to take place. As a result of the immortality and agelessness enabling his extended lifespan Zeref developed a misanthropy for humankind and its idiosyncrasies of hatred, evil and conflict. However, he already seemed to know enough to call him by his new name shortly before killing him. Status Emperor of the Alvarez Empire Mage Zeref states that he's lived for centuries and has seen the rise and fall of different ages, and that he's seen the cycle of hatred continue on and give rise to new evil and conflict between people, but adds he's looking forward to the new age that will end all this. Moving around from place to place or occasionally visiting his subjects in the Alvarez Empire.Brooding and dwelling sadly on the topics of the world's existence and his own. [122], Fire Magic (火の魔法 Hi no Mahō): Zeref is shown to be capable of using this type of Magic, such as when he used it to burn Mard Geer's tome. It is before it turns out that it was all an illusion, as remarked by the real Zeref himself, explaining how Mavis is proficient at the usage of Illusion Magic. [74] Zeref watches as the Fire Dragon Slayer takes out a portion of his army before warping into the fray himself to face the Fairy Tail Mage. While on their way there, they are chased by a persistent Juvia, who received orders from Gray to keep track of Zeref. [77], Zeref states Natsu will die if he perishes, Citing that Natsu was hard to handle initially, Zeref explains that Igneel was a friend of his and resolved to take Natsu under his wing and teach him Dragon Slayer Magic, as well as groom him and use him to travel four hundred years to the future (via the Eclipse Gate) by hiding inside Natsu's body to recover enough Ethernano to kill Acnologia. [71], Zeref is later seen at a meeting with the Spriggan 12 where he states that the time has finally come to begin the invasion of Ishgar. [7] When night descends, he is attacked by a pack of wolves. Zeref Dragneel (ゼレフ・ドラグニル Zerefu Doraguniru) is considered to be the strongest, most evil Mage of all time, who possesses extremely dangerous, and powerful Magic. She finally gave up. Reunite with his brother Natsu Dragneel (partially succeeded).Die (succeeded).Be killed by Natsu (failed, instead died with Mavis Vermilion).Reset humanity for its sins (failed).Destroy Acnologia for his interference (carried on by Natsu).Obtain the Lumen Histoire, or Fairy Heart from Mavis (succeeded).Use the Neo Eclipse to reset time and undo his and everyone else's actions (failed). Zeref, still smiling, says that it is to expected and that he would be disappointed if Mavis and her guild couldn't at least manage to handle an attack of such force. This is a What-if? Shaco's Marauders Flex 5:5 Rank. [72] Later, as Zeref marches with his troops towards Magnolia, Invel informs him that the two Spriggan in charge of the first assault, Ajeel and Brandish, have both been eliminated. Death Pillar: Zeref swipes both of his arms in a circular motion until the bottom of his hands meet. After creating things such as the R-System and the Eclipse Gate, he was expelled from the academy for breaching the sacred teachings of Ankhseram, however he was cursed by Ankhseram and then killed everyone around him with his newfound, unwanted Curse of Contradiction. When emotionally unbalanced or unveiling his true Powers Zeref's irises became dark red with concentric black rings around their pupils giving him a frightening appearance. Yajeel introduces Makarov to him and says that he is seeking an audience with the emperor. Episode 96 68 Zeref Dragneel Wallpapers Filter: 4K Ultra HD Zeref Dragneel Wallpapers ... Resurrection Berserk Bleach Death Note Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Z Fairy Tail Goku Guts Ichigo Kurosaki Ken Kaneki Kuroko's Basketball Madara Uchiha Naruto One-Punch Man Saitama Seijūrō Akashi Tokyo Ghoul Zeref Dragneel. Previous Occupation He is considered to be the strongest, most evil Wizard of all time, who possesses extremely dangerous, and powerful Magic. [43], He then crosses paths with Ultear, and comments how sad it is for Grimoire Heart to have managed to anger him. After undergoing the Transformation following his use of the Lumen Histoire, or Fairy Heart his hair and clothing turned white with intrinsic designs on his robe and radiant silver wings sprouting from his back. 9 LP / 11W 21L Win Ratio 34%. [89] Zeref goes back into the guildhall, where he sits afflicted by Larcade's Magic. However, his attack is deflected by the aura surrounding Zeref, cutting the blade in half. [99], Black Arts (黒魔法 Kuro Mahō): Zeref was able to master Black Magic and brought countless Demons to life. [69] At the palace, he is greeted by Invel, and Zeref asks him to gather the rest of the Spriggan 12. 7L. Hearing that 5 of the Spriggan 12 have been defeated, Zeref only smirks, threatening Natsu and Mavis as he and his army start marching towards the Fairy Tail Guild. Age [65] Later, at an unknown place, Zeref ominously remarks that Natsu has to try and overtake him, calling the Dragon Slayer "Etherious Natsu Dragneel". He was capable of morphing Irene's dragonized form into the physique of a human, something which she, a very skilled Enchanter herself, was not able to do. Death magic, Immortality Type 1, Time Manipulation, Invulnerability with a shield of decay surrounding his body, Can summon multiple demons he created from his Book of Zeref. Broken, Zeref resolved to simply go back to Alakitasia to continue building his empire, where none of those that he considers pawns will die to him, regretting that he ever fell in love. Yajeel stated Zeref would show either or both sides depending on situations; the Black Wizard told Makarov that even though his personas were one and the same he preferred to be what Ishgar believed in. [81] As light covers all of Fiore, Zeref is shocked to see Irene using Universe One,[82] a Magic that causes all of Fiore to be reconstructed with the intention to put Zeref near Fairy Heart, as Zeref explains to Mavis after she finds him sitting in an empty guild hall. Zerefu Doraguniru [36] Some time after that, however, Zeref eventually found himself on the secluded Tenrou Island, hoping to stay completely cut off from humanity. Alias This was shown when he ruthlessly killed Hades, whom he thinks has committed a number of unforgivable sins. As Emperor Spriggan (in Japanese: 皇帝スプリガン, Kōtei Supurigan), first leader and founder of the Alvarez Empire he donned a regal and formal version of his usual attire consisting of a white toga lined with golden strings and markings at the edges; underneath this he had a black long-sleeve coat with metal cuffs reminiscent of those sported by Gajeel Redfox. [88] After Makarov's casting of Fairy Law, Zeref asks Irene what the status of their troops are; he learns their numbers have been reduced by seventy to eighty percent. The Black Wizard (黒魔導士 Kuro Madōshi)[1]Emperor Spriggan (皇帝スプリガン Kōtei Supurigan)[2] Magic Zeref helped them do so, and had the Celestial Spirit Mage Anna Heartfilia open the Eclipse Gate to the future, while also four hundred years later having Layla Heartfilia open another version of the Gate to connect the two time periods, allowing the Dragon Slayers chosen (Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting and Rogue) to arrive in the future on July 7, X777. [130], Expert Sensor: Zeref was able to sense Acnologia approaching Tenrou Island from quite a fair distance,[131] as well as talk to Mavis Vermilion despite not being able to see or hear her. [53] While there, Zeref reveals that he was never "asleep", but, rather, he was always "awake". Though Zeref appeared to be a young man he was actually just over 400 years old but due to his Cursed immortality he retained a youthful appearance throughout his life. Male Before his descent into darkness Zeref was polite, courteous and formal but also curious, ambitious and rebellious when he continued dangerous research into the truth behind life's existence and absence regardless of the consequences it would've had in the long run; he was rather sentimental and emotionally-attached considering the tremendous lengths he went to get back what he cared the most about. He shows concern for others when he warns them not to come near him, knowing that they would die if they did. Chapter 200 He was surprised that someone would want to leave, noting it was a "bad habit" of his own, and unwillingly used his Magic, which robbed the forest of its life force, which Mavis quickly recognized as Ankhseram Black Magic. Zeref then unintentionally releases another wave of his Magic, but Natsu's scarf absorbs the blast, saving the lives of everyone present. After Zeref expresses his disagreement, Invel decides to control Mavis' mind instead and Zeref takes the girl to show her the guild's predicament: the building surrounded by the armies and Spriggan 12 themselves, with their emperor wondering if Mavis' comrades can break through. Zeref then tells Natsu that he wanted to finish their fight today, but Acnologia got in the way. The user swipes both of their arms in a circular motion until the bottom of their hands meet. Wondering if Fairy Tail dares to approach this impenetrable battle formation, Zeref promises no tomorrow to his enemies. As he walked away and bade her goodnight, Precht asked who he was, and he answered that he was the Black Wizard Zeref. Deceased Zeref continues to monologue, citing his immortality as being his key to continuing his research, which ultimately led to the creation of the Etherious in the hopes that they would be able to end him, and the revival of his dead brother, Natsu, as an Etherious. He was also emotionally fragile and vulnerable when he believed Mavis somehow died after they showed love for each other and realized his younger brother was not ready to eliminate him yet becoming hysterical and/or breaking down in tears on both occasions. 11L. He first appeared as a self-hating youthful recluse who could not control his Powers and was later revealed to be the estranged older brother of Natsu Dragneel, illegitimate father of August and creator of the Etherious originally created to kill him. Fairy Tail In addition, he is also unaging. This chapter focuses on the relationship between Zeref and Mavis and how their love has indeed contradicted each other and caused both to pass as they’re both about to die from their curse. Zeref, at this point, stirs, speaking one word ("Acnologia"), and awakes. I might awaken once again. In this form, he becomes fully white overall, with an intricate clothing design as well as wings. Natsu Dragneel burns into DEATH BATTLE! He is considered the strongest mage in the series, as he possesses incredibly deadly, powerful, and destructive magic. NATSU DRAGNEEL Age: 400, physically 18 Height: 5'9" Weight: Unknown Species: Demon Gender: Male Occupation: Fairy Tail wizard Themes: FEATS Is one of the five dragon slayers sent to the future to defeat Acnologia Was trained by the Fire Dragon Igneel in … He was also the love interest of Mavis Vermillion, co-founder and first Guild Master of the titular organization Fairy Tail. Around this time, he also became cursed, and unintentionally took the lives of all those around him. 1L. 414, 415] Ur Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese); Kira Vincent-Davis (English) Ur ウル, Uru) is Ultear Milkovich's mother and Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia's teacher. [67], Zeref then travels some distance, ending up near a cave in a remote mountain range, where he greets a human figure sitting on a rock, sarcastically mocking his lack of an arm and assuming human is his preferred form; Zeref is immediately questioned by the sitting Acnologia as to what he wants, however Zeref tells Acnologia that he desires destruction but causes very little of it, citing that he could rule the whole world if he wanted to, but does not, calling his motives unclear. [64] Zeref then praises Mard Geer for his attempts to revive E.N.D and when Mard states that he can realize what Zeref wishes for, the Dark Mage turns his Demon into a book, burning it subsequently. As Natsu is cleaning out the troops of Tartaros, his enemies are suddenly stopped in midair and Natsu finds himself standing in front of Zeref. He is the founder and current Emperor of the Alvarez Empire, under the alias of Spriggan, and the older brother of Natsu Dragneel. Manga Debut [45] Rustyrose states to Elfman and Evergreen that when they acquire Zeref the current Magic world will end and a new one will begin, an Ultimate Magic World, where those that don't possess Magic will suffer and die; the other Grimoire Heart members say similar things. Lux … Zeref was then embraced by Mavis, finding solace in her ability to understand him and her words about trying to break the Curse of Contradiction. [37], On Tenrou island, Zeref lays peacefully, asleep, on the ground. Zeref, however, counters this statement by explaining that if humans continue to repeat mistakes, then they aren't really living and that he is no longer anything that man can come to love. He regretted the sins he committed and thus wanted to die before he found himself committing more horrid crimes. By KamiZephyr Watch. Personal Status [127], Fairy Heart-Induced Form: Zeref, after activating the Magic of Fairy Heart, accesses a mode that he himself calls "surpassing a God of time and space". [11], Zeref is said to have been the darkest, most evil Mage in the history of the Magic World, mastering the Black Arts and creating many Demons, some of which still wreak havoc in the present. 1 Description 2 Interlude 3 Natsu Dragneel 4 Esdeath 5 Death Battle 6 Results 7 Next Time 8 Trivia A battle between Fire and Ice, two rivalling elements done by two powerful anime fighters. Natsu then takes out the Heat Blade, claiming that he will be the one to defeat E.N.D. [16][17] As a result of his immortal life, Zeref has developed a misanthropic loathing for humanity and its repeated idiosyncrasies of hatred, evil, and conflict. He is also somewhat emotionally fr… As he walks, he states that he had no reason to come to this era, and that, to anyone, he is neither enemy nor ally. Understanding that the power comes from the dead, and that such a power may truly be able to kill him, Zeref thanks those who helped him get to where he is today as Natsu enters Fire Dragon King Mode and unleashes what he hopes to be the final blow. But who shall win in this battle, the Fire Dragon King or the Ice Killer Queen? is the strongest Demon he created and that he, too, will face the decision of whether to let the Demon live or to kill it. [27][28], In X686, Zeref walked through Hargeon Town and brushed past Mavis Vermillion and Precht Gaebolg. While Yajeel grieves over his grandson Ajeel's supposed death and Invel remarks on the fact that not just one, but two Spriggan were killed, Zeref shuts them off, telling the two that neither Brandish or Ajeel are actually dead and that therein lies the enemy's weakness. The Black Wizard is then surprised to hear that Gray knows Natsu is E.N.D., but repeats his brother's fate should he fall. Sorcerer (formerly)Wizard (formerly)Mildian Magic Academy student (formerly)Founder/first emperor of the Alvarez Empire (formerly) He, himself, has stated that when he cares of the lives of others, his Magic becomes uncontrollable and randomly bursts outward, killing all those around him, but, when he no longer cares about others, he gains complete control over his Magic, and becomes the ruthless, cold-hearted Zeref spoken of in legend. Zeref continues and says it has more meaning to go on an all-out offensive with all their armies. [70] After Natsu and the rest of Fairy Tail successfully escape, Zeref thinks to himself that "it" finally begins. Sensing that his troops are being affected by it as well, Zeref telepathically contacts Larcade and tells him to cease his actions at once. Irene points out that having such feelings will not help him to defeat Acnologia and Zeref eventually agrees with her logic, deciding to leave the guild hall afterwards. Jax 0% 2L. As such, Zeref orders Irene to pursue Mavis immediately, the latter gladly obliging. Previous Affiliation Wallpaper Abyss Zeref Dragneel. [14] Zeref often kills with no prior incentive or knowledge. Around this time he also became Cursed and unintentionally took the lives of those around him. Black ArtsAnkhseram Black MagicLiving MagicImmobilization MagicTeleportation MagicLawFire MagicTelepathyBullet MagicTime Magic (Neo Eclipse) However, Zeref is surprised when Gray reveals that he will imprison him with Iced Shell, and then becomes aghast when Gray shows that he has added the Lost Attribute to it to create the even stronger Lost Iced Shell at the cost of the world's memories of him. He was then begged to kill her, but refused on the grounds that he couldn't even if he wanted to. Boards for all anime I watch! Zeref then tells Mavis that he will not start a war but, rather, will simply cause a one-sided annihilation of humanity of which no human soul will survive, earning him a glare from Mavis, who tells him that Fairy Tail will be the one who will stop him, and he will be the one to be destroyed. Participant 2 = Zeref Dragneel. ", followed by 273 people on Pinterest. 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