“Bryan said to me, El when you came in to the room I thought to myself that’s a multi-million dollar meeting. Unlike his work on the X-Factor, with the artist development process ‘on caffeine’, Eliot takes up to a year to develop new acts. Baby, Happy Birthday by Train prod. Pleasure to be performing with you on your big night mate. . He plays it all around the world. "I looked like Henry VIII in my outfit, I looked ridiculous! I’m able to function here.”. Eliot Kennedy is an English songwriter and record producer based in Sheffield. Out of that came a whole different kind of creativity. He takes us on a journey through the songs that changed his, and millions of listeners, lives. It was a really brilliant thing for me to do at that time. "My ambition when I started out was to have a number one single and I achieved that on my 25th birthday when Take That went to number one with Everything Changes." “I’d gone to live in Hong Kong on and off to develop an international music project. But music producer Eliot Kennedy can say just that as he gears up for the milestone event next month - and best of all, you're all invited. His song, Everything Changes with … NOT many people can claim Take That frontman Gary Barlow is organising their 50th birthday party. Happy Birthday to Eliot! But before he puts pen to paper, Eliot has a few balloons to start blowing up and a cake to decorate ahead of his big day. It went to number one on my 25th birthday.”, The success of the song left him ‘freaked out’: “Opportunities were coming I wasn’t sure I was ready for.”, He convinced Sony, who he’d just signed to, to fund a studio in his home. We were also delighted to pen his concert brochure for his special celebration. The musical opened in 2014. Eliot has brought his talented friends together before for charity shows, but the March 29 show will be extra memorable, as it's actually on his birthday. “They just drove to Sheffield to find me. “If you’re a northerner you never lose touch about what it is about the north. On the brink of 50, Eliot feels he’s in the most creative period of his life. Adele Forrest caught up with the Grammy award-winning songwriter. The proud Yorkshire man and hit machine is raising funds for hospice care for #ChallengeDerbyshire. You don’t waste energy pretending. Steelworks has a number of young musicians under its wing. He moved to Cheshire, to run a production studio with him. Does the songwriter to the stars get star-struck? I wasn’t in a phone book so I thought that was pretty dedicated. This site requires JavaScript for certain functions and interactions to work. Type and Press “enter” to Search “If you’re honest about what you do in the music industry people can see it and they relate to you. But listen I’m still a Bryan Adams fan, I’m still a fan of Take That, I won’t ever lose that respect. Eliot Kennedy celebrating 50th birthday with star studded golden hits concert On his 25th birthday, the stars must have literally aligned. Meanwhile, Gary Barlow had his publicised depression following Take That’s split in 1996. Which leads us to rock legend, Bryan Adams. Take That surprise for Eliot Kennedy at star studded golden birthday concert. After that humble cup of tea, enter stage left Celine Dion. “Charlotte Hannah and Will Jennison are both performing at my birthday gig, two artists I’m extremely focused on this year. The pair wrote the title song to Celine Dion’s massive hit album, Let’s Talk About Love, with 33 million copies sold word-wide, it is one of the best-selling albums in history. By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to our usage of cookies. Eliot says. vicki.shaffer.946. Find out more or Close, https://www.facebook.com/TheRotherhamAdvertiser/, Q&A: “If you can’t have a laugh putting on a production, then what’s the point”, Theatre opportunity to deter people away from life of crime, Theatre imagines what panto favourites might be up to, Rotherham's NHS heroes release Christmas song. “It became this incredible factory for writing and producing records – S Club, Five, Billy Piper. Découvrez sa biographie, sa carrière en détail et toute son actualité Three years on, Finding Neverland is still touring the US, it comes to the UK next year. Eliot said: "Take That kick off their tour in Sheffield, which is handy as they are doing production rehearsals in Sheffield, which means Gary's more available before my show - it was his bloody idea, so he better be! Bryan said it’s just a bona fide smash. It was a prudent decision and a really crucial one.”. (Barlow was a special guest in Eliot’s 2016 charity concert, raising £60,000 for Help for Heroes.). “We hit the ground running. There's no need to be so hard on himself - Eliot has worked solidly since leaving Dinnington Comprehensive at the age of 16 and has gone on to become one of the world's most successful and sought after producers, working with the Spice Girls, Lulu, and Celine Dion to name a few. It offers us all a bridge to our fellow human beings. It’s a quality that has secured not just professional partnerships with the likes of Gary Barlow and Bryan Adams, but solid friendships spanning over 20 years. "So far, it feels like everyone I know wants to come to my birthday, which is brilliant and were making it a charity event - its going to be cracking," he says. Despite all the highs, its also been a "pretty intense" time for Eliot after the death of his mum Pat (75) in 2016. I loved every minute of it and being in that world.". Report. “I had a bit of a dark time. Very Happy Birthday to you Eliot Kennedy! I said did you really? 50+ videos Play all Mix - Eliot Kennedy & Kenny Thomas YouTube Gary Barlow, Eliot Kennedy Swing session, Hidden Wounds Concert, Doncaster 12.11.2016 - … Please turn on JavaScript for the best possible experience. "I always like to work with young people and their energy. His Next Big Things are ones to watch. I’d left Steelworks to create this new team with Gary and all of a sudden my song-writing partner was gone. “Having a renaissance was crucial. Born on September 24, 1896, in Saint Paul, Minnesota, to an upper-middle-class family, Fitzgerald was named after his second cousin thrice removed, Francis Scott Key, but was always known as Scott Fitzgerald. It went straight to number one, where it stayed for two weeks. And he’s invited his famous friends. Delta Goodram was also one of our first artists and had multi-platinum sales. In 2013, Gary and Eliot travelled to Camp Bastion on a mission to entertain the troops. When I came home and we did X-Factor and the Jubilee record it was the birth of starting to write Finding Neverland (with Barlow), which is the most recent phase of creativity for me.”. Ann interviewed Sheffield songwriter Eliot Kennedy ahead of his 50 th birthday charity gig. "I'll be singing, playing bass, bringing on guest acts, and we'll tell stories of how we met, I'll get to tell some funny stories about the songs - I never rehearse these things, just see what the night brings. Sharing the moment onstage will be a special moment for both Eliot and Gary, as it marks 25 years of friendship and achievements. Cause UK will be providing support to Eliot Kennedy’s 50th birthday fundraising gig at Sheffield City Hall on 29th March. Eliot Kennedy, the songwriter to the stars from Sheffield, celebrates his 50th birthday with a charity concert in his hometown. “Gary had pretty much become a hermit by this stage and was practically locked in his house.” Eliot made the decision to leave Steelworks to ‘drag’ Gary back into making records. Buy your tickets now! It was ultimately the most creative fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.”. Or email newsdesk@rotherhamadvertiser.co.uk He also has ambitions to write a book about the stories behind songs and how they've affected people's lives, which has the working title Our Song. Sharing the moment onstage will be a special moment for both Eliot and Gary, as it marks 25 years of friendship and achievements. "It was incredibly humbling being on stage and sitting there with all the top people, but all these students had worked so hard, I felt like a fraud!". After playing a pivotal role in mending the hearts of millions of Take That fans, Eliot found himself in an uncharacteristic slump. And we did.”. The show was adapted from the Johnny Depp film of the same name and tells the story behind the making of Peter Pan - a tale Eliot feels close to. Eliot Kennedy (born March 29, 1969) is an English songwriter and record producer based in Sheffield. Then came a role as Talent Director on ITV’s The X-Factor, where he mentored Little Mix. His birthday fundraiser will raise money for three end-of-life care charities in North Derbyshire, which helped care for Pat in her Dinnington home after she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Eliot Kennedy est un Compositeur (chansons du film), Parolier (chansons du film). "It's a terrible way to go and is a condition I want to focus on in the future with the next project we do," says Eliot. Choisissez parmi des contenus premium Alexander Deleon de la plus haute qualité. The more you connect, the more positive energy you get. Sign up for Deezer for free and listen to Eliot Kennedy: discography, top tracks and playlists. It's a tale about immigrants and already has the interest of movie bosses and singer Bryan Adams, who Eliot worked with on his number one duet with Spice Girl Melanie C, When You're Gone. “I turn up every day with the same intention, the same passion and energy.”. Since the 1970s, Stone has worked on the campaigns of Republican politicians, including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Jack … “I think the timing to celebrate that diversity and richness that comes from immigration in a city like New York, literally built by immigrants, is a good thing to do.”, Hamilton eat your heart out. Visit www.sheffieldcityhall.co.uk for your ticket to join the party. “I just wanted to work with new artists to really learn my craft as a songwriter. Heather performed two songs, Moving On Up and a song called Shine Brighter. Eliot’s first record that saw the stars align was Take That’s Everything Changes, co-written with Gary (1993). vicki.shaffer.946 Happy Birthday 86w 1 like Reply. It became an ITV documentary, Journey to Afghanistan. 7444120 | Copyright © 2019 oXyFire Media Creative Ltd . Hi Alfie Hi Gary two legends ️️. last year | 1 view. Eliot has brought his talented friends together before for charity shows, but the March 29 show will be extra memorable, as it's actually on his birthday. The story ran in Northern Soul, and a different version was published on a series of websites, including the Yorkshire Post, Sheffield Star, and Wakefield Express. “I’d gone to see Bryan at a gig the night before in Sheffield Arena, just because I was a fan. That’s going to be a big deal to perform their first singles in front of that audience.”. It’s joyful.”, Eliot Kennedy: 50th Birthday concert in aid of #ChallengeDerbyshire, March 29, Sheffield City Hall, featuring Gary Barlow, Alfie Boe and S Club. His success and passion for music shows no signs of slowing down. It has been an amazing evening! Since my last 2014 interview with Eliot, the musical he and Gary had been working on then, Finding Neverland, has been a huge success. The next morning I was in the supermarket and my mobile phone went, he said its Bryan Adams here. This video is unavailable. Now the idea has gathered pace and has turned into a 50th-cum-fundraiser with Sheffield City Hall playing host to the North Anston music producer and his talented friends. “We told the director, we’re not Broadway writers we’re pop tarts, and she said that’s what I want you for! Fitzgerald was also named after his deceased sister, Louise Scott Fitzgerald, one of two sisters who died shortly before his birth. "IT was Gary who suggested it," Eliot Kennedy says of his grand upcoming birthday bash. It was a whirlwind of a time.”, “Once the Spice Girls move into your house, you very quickly run out of space! People treat you as you treat them. Great photo!50 86w 1 like Reply. It was significant because it was a new writing relationship with one of my idols.”. Not only was it my first number one record, it ties in with the ambition I always had to have a number one by the time I was 25. The big 5-0 will also be a nice opportunity, Eliot says, to reflect on his career and give him a rare moment to take stock of his achievements.