Memories of the day that his mother died may haunt Graeme Gardner for the rest of his life. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Her mother, Myrna Simpson, emigrated to the United Kingdom from Jamaica in 1961. She wanted the best for her children and sent Lisa to a private school in Jamaica and had big plans for her future. Graeme Burke – son of Joy Gardner Neville Lawrence – father of Stephen Lawrence Rupert and Shelia Sylvester – parents of Roger Sylvester Marci Rigg – Sister of Sean Rigg and Chair United Families & Friends Campaign. But I wanted her to stay in the Caribbean until I could provide for her in England. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Images, Youtube and more on IDCrawl - the leading free people search engine. Joy landed face down and was then turned onto her back. Our own Prime Minister is quoted as using terms such as ‘piccaninnies’, ‘watermelon smiles’ and ‘letterboxes’ yet it’s simply brushed aside, and he appears on programmes like This Morning pretending he’s a bumbling buffoon whilst Phil and Holly giggle at him and take a selfie, instead of calling him out on his appallingly track record. It was early morning when five men and women burst into 5-year-old Graeme Burke’s home. Just one month after Joy’s death, another woman from the same area was deported at the hands of ASC personnel. KEITH VAZ DOES NEARLY EVERYTHING – EVEN SELLS WASHING MACHINES! Joy came to the United Kingdom in 1987 to be reunited with her mother, as well as her half-brother, three uncles and two aunts who were also living in England at the time. She was strict and would buy Lisa books instead of toys so that she could start reading at an early age. ( Log Out /  She en­tered the coun­try legally using a six-month vis­i­tor's visa, but over­stayed when the visa elapsed.She was preg­nant at the time of her ar­rival, and sub­se­quently gave birth to a son. Joy was eventually laid to rest at Lavender Hill cemetery on 17th December 1993. At least 13 died before the Home Office acknowledged their mistake. He said that the tape was wrapped around her head seven times. Wardle defended the decison as ‘standard practice’ stating that the letters were sent to coincide with the raid to prevent any further appeals and so raids could be undertaken without warning. She claimed afterwards that sellotape had been used to bind her legs and mouth. ( Log Out /  What they did to Joy was terrible, terrible. One car contained three officers from Scotland Yard’s SO1(3) Unit (the Aliens Deportation Group – ADG), and the other car contained two officers from the local Hornsey station. why? The brain was injured. On 7th August 1993, the PCA confirmed that Assistant Chief Constable James Conlon of Essex Police would be heading up the investigation, assisted by 12 officers, and on 13th December 1993, another protest was held outside the CPS offices because the PCA had still not completed the inquiry. Official versions state it was 4 August after her life support machine was switched off, but many family members maintain that Joy died on 28 July 1993, the day she was violently restrained. Floyd may be dead, but he leaves a legacy. The report was not released to the public or members of Joy’s family under ‘public interest immunity.’ The lay-person who supervised the PCA investigation, announced that he was considering “making a special report” to the Home Secretary claiming he had discovered matters of a “grave and exceptional nature“. Mrs Joy Gardner, 40, died in 1993 after a struggle with police who arrived at her flat in Crouch End, north London, to serve a deportation order on her. Chris Wardle defended the action stating that it had exposed “…a blatant disregard for the immigration laws.”, In 2002 this operation was still ongoing and television crews and photographers were invited by the Home Secretary, David Blunkett, to watch as they rounded up and deported a large amount of people to the Czech Republic. They were self-taught how to use gags and were not subject to strict controls. Joy’s son was traumatised by what he had witnessed that morning, and that remained with him throughout childhood. Despite repeated demands from her family, campaigners and Amnesty International, there has been no inquest and no public inquiry into her death. By May 2020, there had been 1275 applications to the. On 21st November 1994 the three officers appeared at Bow Street. In February 1994, Essex Police finally completed their investigation for the PCA. Our own, BLACK LIVES MATTER: WINDRUSH: THE DEATH OF JOY GARDNER, 1993, ‘piccaninnies’, ‘watermelon smiles’ and ‘letterboxes’, Justice for Joy  – Channel 4 documentary, 1995, Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry, NI, Operation Winthorpe – St Paul's School, Barnes, MISSING: The Disappearance of Martin Allen, MISSING: The Disappearance of Vishal Mehrotra, MISSING: The Disappearance of Vishal Mehrotra Pt2, MISSING: OPERATION RIDGEWOOD: The Disappearance of Damien Nettles, HARVEY PROCTOR: Brewers Lane Assault Court Case, 1992, UNSOLVED CRIMES: The Death of ENRICO SIDOLI, ISLINGTON: UNSOLVED CRIMES: The Mysterious Death of MICHAEL JARRETT LOWE, 1974, UNSOLVED CRIMES: The Mysterious Death of BILLY HOLLOWAY, 1962, UNSOLVED CRIMES: The murder of PATRICIA MORRIS, 1980. He suffered nightmares and flashbacks, he became fearful, agitated and angry. In the Joy for Justice documentary, Myrna is a softly spoken, calm woman who refuses to give up. We who are the Windrush generation historically made sacrifices to enable British democracy to flourish. As a direct result of Joy’s death, in August 1993 the use of mouth gags were suspended by Sir Paul Condon, and were eventually banned altogether by then Home Office minister, Michael Howard, in January 1994. (See ‘Politics and Press’ below). 1 August 2018, The death of Joy Gardner KEITH VAZ, THE PROLIFIC CAMPAIGNER- Local Newspaper Articles, KEITH VAZ AND THE SORDID ELEMENT OF LEICESTER, RICHMOND: LOUIS MINSTER – Richmond Social Services, 1975-1984, THE SOHO CONNECTIONS: A-Z of Clubs, Pubs & other, A WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS: Liz Davies – Islington Survivors Network, A WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS: Child Protection Expert speaks to UK Column, A WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS: Establishment Paedophiles: Operation Clarence, OPERATIONS TRAWLER & MIDDLETON: Blair Ministers & Lambeth Care Home Scandal. According to announcements in The Gazette, ASC was wound up not long afterwards. An independent autopsy ordered by Myrna found that Joy had died as a result of oxygen starvation – in line with all the others. I have been looking for my family roots … ambulance, stating that Joy Gardner had collapsed and stopped breathing. The results of their separate post mortem was not made public. There has never been any independent inquiry into Joy’s death. During the trial the judge, Mr Justice Mantell, instructed the jury to return a ‘not guilty’ verdict against Burrell as he was satisfied that Burrell had played no part in applying the gag to Joy. Joy allegedly refused the authorities initial entry into her home stating that she wanted to telephone her solicitor. I hate him because he is a cunt. The other two management officers never faced charges as they had already left the police on early retirement (no explanation was ever forthcoming about why that was allowed to happen, which is something Jane Coker highlighted in Justice for Joy.) ( Log Out /  It highlighted the inhumane way people are being treated, and the story I am about to cover encompasses the Windrush scandal and also a death at the hands of the authorities, with no justice or accountability at the end. He felt that to pick just the three officers involved and hold them accountable rather than all authorities was unjust. Gardner, Harry J. E. Everett Evans Gardner, Jeffrey Gardner F(rancis) Fox (1911-) Gardner, Joy Joy Aumente Gardner, Kit Katherine Manning Garland Gardner, Lisa [Alicia Scott] Gardner, Miriam Marion Zimmer Bradley (1930-) Gardner, Noel Henry Kuttner (1914-1958) Gardner, Richard Richard Maurice Orth (1931-) Garfield, Brian (Francis Wynne) (1939-) Background Joy Gardner. Now he and his grandmother want justice. Three officers were in a management position within the ADG Unit at the time of Joy’s death. Now he and his grandmother want justice. . Unfortunately the Joy Gardner case, the whole deportation process and the role played by officials has never been fully and impartially investigated. Not colour, just the human being in front of them. The Home Office announced that it would undertake an internal inquiry on procedures for deportation, headed by a senior immigration official. I Bastian's 24 research works with 586 citations and 930 reads, including: Donovanosis ? It was his therapist who had to tell him that she would never be coming back.”. We try to blank it out.”  In the weeks and months after his mother’s death, Graeme re-enacted the disturbing events. Thompson’s silent films address racism and violence in close-ups of the faces of Black people with links to incidents of brutal death, including Graeme Burke, son of Joy Gardner, who died when police tried to deport her during a dawn raid in London in 1993, and Diamond Reynolds, whose boyfriend, Philando Castile, was shot dead by a police officer in Minnesota in 2016. immediately returned to scene and she quick-cuffed Joy’s right arm. Just as Joy was silenced, the close relationship between government, police and press has always managed to keep a lid on the worst outrages and encourage a narrative. Her family dispute this narrative. The crowd were angry and Bernie Grant pleaded for people to remain calm and dignified. On 7th August 1993, the family joined hundreds of others in the streets marching and demanding justice for Joy. Djemal Dervish opened his post at 9:30am. I mentioned Nigel Farage and his LBC slot at the beginning of the post, but back in 1993, Richard Littlejohn – a Scum columnist – hosted a radio show on LBC, and told his 500k listeners that although Joy’s death was ‘sad’…, “…if she had complied with the deportation order, she might still be alive today.”. The star's agent confirmed his death in a statement earlier today by saying: 'It is with great sadness that we announce Tim’s death early today from COVID-19.' She moved to Kingston to pursue her dreams but she got pregnant with her eldest daughter, Lisa. Memorial event held 25 years after Joy Gardner’s killing, Putin Critic Alexei Navalny Detained After Landing In Russia, India Kicks Off World's Largest COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign, European Leaders' Dislike Of Twitter's Trump Ban Reflects Their Own Failures, Two Million People Have Died Worldwide Due To COVID-19, North Korea Shows Off New Submarine-Launched Missiles In Military Parade, Brexit: Fishing firms hold London protest over disruption, Alexei Navalny: EU and US demand release of poisoned Putin critic, Brexit: 'Putting UK, not GB, delayed my fish for 24 hours', Nazi Ravensbrück camp: How ordinary women became SS torturers. case would be subject to an investigation by the, examine the specific role of the immigration officers involved, because a PCA inquiry is only authorized to oversee investigations into complaints against, This request was refused by the Home Office, back to the forefront of the world’s conscience. The fund is the first permanent national resource of its kind for those affected by deaths and abuses in custody, Sign up today for FREE to receive our 4WardEverUK quick news alerts and monthly e-newsletter via email, Democrats unveil legislation to abolish the federal death penalty, New Case Profiles published on 4WardEverUK: Jan 2021, MI6 may have let informants commit crimes in UK, tribunal hears. Mrs Joy Gardner, 40, died in 1993 after a struggle with police who arrived at her flat in Crouch End, north London, to serve a deportation order on her. ... Graeme, was born in Britain. I’m not excusing Joy’s aggressive behaviour, but what must be remembered is that when the raid happened, Joy was awaiting a response to her appeal. Can you imagine how terrifying it must have been for a 5 year old to see his mother like that, the woman he loved and looked to for everything. Leaving behind her son Graeme Burke and her mother Myrna Simpson now deceased. The initial post mortem concluded that Joy had died from ‘cerebral hypoxia‘ (lack of oxygen to the brain). Following in her mother’s footsteps, Joy came over to the UK in July 1987 on a six-month visa, with the hope of following her dream to become a journalist and applied to undertake a journalism course at the Guildhall. Joy Gardner, Death Twenty Years Ago, Deportation, Police, Immigration, Linda Evans, Colin Whitby, John Burrell, Nellie Sterling Twenty years ago - on 28th July 1993 – Joy Gardner and her five-year-old son Graeme were startled by an early morning police raid on their north London home. The head of the Metropolitan Police Federation (MPF), Mike Bennet, complained that the officers should never have been charged and the decision to do so was ‘political’ due to the fact that Bernie Grant MP had become involved. Get on with rehousing and compensating all those who lost their homes and belongings at, Speed up the compensation process for all those caught up in your government’s repugnant. You would not do that to your dog.”, Mrs Simpson goes on to say “Paul Condon said it was not about race. In Sep­tem­ber 1990 she mar­ried Briton Joh… The ADG officer then cut through the chain-lock with pliers and he forced entry into her flat. Mrs Gardner became hysterical and violent and bit one of the police officers and had to be restrained. The first stated: The Secretary of State has reconsidered the case in light of your representations but is not prepared to rescind the deportation order or allow Mrs Gardner to remain any longer. They sat on her body, they bound her hands to her side with a leather belt and manacles, they strapped her legs together and wound yards of surgical tape round her head. Graeme Burke is the son of Joy Gardner, the 40-year-old Jamaican woman who died when police officers came to deport her. NOTE: Verified via email - Check your SPAM in case it ends up there in error! UNSOLVED CRIMES: The murder of CHRISTOPHER STANLEY, 1992, OPERATION WINTHORPE: ST PAUL’S SCHOOL/COLET SCHOOL, BARNES, GEORGE BARSBY & OTHER GRAFTON CLOSE NEIGHBOURS, OPERATION RUFFLE: John Hemming confirms he is man accused of raping 6yr old Esther Baker. She grew up in Long Bay, Portland, and every Sunday, without fail, went to church with her grandmother. Since his arrival in London in 2016, Thompson’s interest has also turned to state violence in Britain, leading him to produce Cemetery of Uniforms and Liveries (2016), two silent portraits of Brandon Groce and Graeme Gardner, the grandson, and son, respectively of Cherry Groce and Joy Gardner. That was the principle of our Christian family. On 27th April 1994, the Immigration Service and Metropolitan Police undertook over 100 dawn raids in London under their new joint initiative, Operation Elgar. The matter has been quietly swept under the carpet…. George and Joy’s deaths may have been decades apart but there are parallels to both their deaths. This is the first national resource of its kind for families affected by custody deaths in the United Kingdom. And then they killed her…. The 230-page report was handed over to the Crown Prosecution Service for review,  accompanied by 1,500 pages of evidence, including medical, pathological and neuropathological evidence, Metropolitan Police instructions, immigration documents, tape-recorded interviews with the officers concerned, reports in relation to a number of deportations in which the Metropolitan Police have assisted, and a range of other material. Dionne Gardner Dismuke – Senior Designer. Under Britain’s immigration laws, however, Gardner was considered to be an ‘illegal immigrant’. Cemetery of Uniforms and Liveries (2016) depicts Brandon Groce (grandson of Cherry Groce, whose shooting by police in 1985 sparked the Brixton riots) and Graeme Burke (son of Joy Gardner, who died of injuries sustained as UK immigration officers bound and gagged her to deport her to Jamaica, in 1993). On 28 July 1993 three officers from Britain’s Aliens Deportation Group (ADG) arrived at the north London flat of Joy Gardner to deport her. The landing would be where we cooked. The police questioned this and said they wanted to investigate whether Joy had an underlying heart condition that could have caused her death (backing up Mark Sanger’s claim to Bernie Grant that Joy had suffered a ‘heart attack’ during the restraint process.)