Lily's Compound is located in Jeddah. I tired calling the number but it seems to be wrong. Phone Number : 9661268666601 My father worked for Saudia airlines and as an expat like other expats who lived in SV City that time went to school at AISJ then known as “SAIS”-Saudi Arabian Intl School. The location is also something to be mentioned having direct access to the King Rd, Price Sultan Rd and Rawdah St. On top of that, utilities are free! Their extensive facilities include two kindergartens, a daycare, gas station (! With all this said, the price is reasonable for the unit size and facilities due to the fact that the compound is quite old. ), and cinema under construction etc. also proudly owns the Sunset Hotel Jeddah and Al Nakheel Housing Compound and Al Rehab Residence in Al Madinah Al-Munawwarah. The list includes but not limited to; The information in this article is subject to change and does not necessarily cover everything. 3 bedrooms 6 baths villa for rent in Al Naim North Jeddah 130000 SAR . Compounds 2019.04.04 2020.02.06 Saudia City – Jeddah Compounds Saudia City is the largest compound in size in Jeddah by far. The hotel is less than 15 minutes’ drive from King Abdul-Aziz International airport. 3 6 350 Sq. Please let us know if there is anything you want to know about Jeddah. Drive, bike, walk, public transport directions on map to Spring Village Compound - HERE WeGo Email Share. Looking for one bedroom apartment or studio Phone +966-12-6622840 Fax +966-12-6913048. Near kayal st. And madina road; 2 bed plus drawing/dinning hall .with stuffs to sell..16000..street sahafa 3 bedrooms upstairs. I used to play around it as a child when it was being built. can anyone help with the correct contact details of the compound? The compound is located in Al Rawdah District at the west side of Dar Al Jana International School, near King Faisal Specialist Hospital. 2 adults - 1 room. The compound is built with five underground desalination water tanks in addition to the six upper reservoirs. Ar Rawdah - Jeddah - Makkah Good, Sunny & fully furnished 1BR Apartment available in a Compound in Jeddah. scales of compounds in order to meet different accommodation needs of different See my Historical Novels Beyond the Bitter Sea and Beyond the Gates of Ani available on, Thats really cool to read about the water tower. Lily's Compound - Jeddah on the map. As part of a design team I suggested a design using the airline colors at the top off the tower. moonchance. Remeber!! Type of Prope Rawdah dist. 3 . This includes three residential compounds, Dur Al Rawdah/Dur Al Yasmin/Dur Al And.. View details. Cobone has deals and offers for great brands across the UAE and Saudi Arabia including for the cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam. School bus service (might be an arrangement by residents), Paid activities for kids – Swimming / Gymnastics. Location: Rawdah Dist., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Tel: 6823434 Oasis Compounds Location: East gate of Saudia city on Prince Sultan Street. What is the price and availability. Thank you Saudia. 206-A 2824 Sari Street Ar Rawdah Jeddah 23435 Saudi Arabia. AFAIK typically westerners would stay near to their national schools e.g. Things like Mosque, Water treatment system and Car fix center are something I have never seen in other compounds in Jeddah. LED lights are used in the nook and corners of the building to improve efficiency. The compound is installed with central gas tanks with extensions distributed to all the residential units. Jeddah Postal Code. SAR 120,000. Check-in. I could see it from my house. RayWhite Kingdom of Saudi Arabia office is the most TRUSTED real estate company for apartments for sale, land, office space, selling fast, rentals, appraisals, inspection. I want to know about two bed rooms apartment, yearly rent and facilities, Your email address will not be published. Access available from King Rd, Prince Sultan Rd and Rawdah St! 2020.02.06 2 1 90 Sq. It is a very legendary compound of Jeddawis who are expats. Dur Communities Jeddah "Dur Al Rawdah Compound/Dur Al Andalus Compound / Dur Al Yasmin Compound ". Two bedrooms 1 Bath villa for rent in Al Rawdah North Jeddah 75000 SAR . Yearly. Search. Your email address will not be published. To rent an appartment here, do you still have to be Saudi Arline staff. Swimming pools are inside the recreational club houses. Contact Us +966 56 820 0178 012 - 654 7666 012 - 655 8718 In Khalidiyah district. 5 Jan 2021 - 6 Jan 2021. Guests and rooms. Villa. 85,000 SAR/year . Oh by the way this is Aaitf Nasim, ur friend Farrukhs brother. Thanks. The Hospitality Division of Al Harith Est. Their extensive facilities include two kindergartens, a daycare, gas station (! is the official website for the Number 1 Real Estate Company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Award Winning Real estate amongst all real estate companies, agencies, firms, agents, and freelancers. (King Rd and Sultan Rd are probably the most important roads in Jeddah and Rawdah St is connecting those two roads which is considered the downtown area.). Rented. Al Rawdah. Same feelings here bro. Al Naim, Jeddah, Western Region. When the time comes to book the right hotel in Al Rawdah or any other area in Jeddah, offers the lowest price. It is a gated residential community with shared facilities and services such as , swimming pools, gym, tennis / basket ball / football court, recreational hall, children’s playground, maintenance care, shopping bus, school bus, BBQ area, mini-market and sometimes even sauna etc. 168 I live in Canada currently and planning to work in Jeddah very soon. And I wish to go back there one time, I lived in Saudi City from 1988-2005 and my father worked for Saudi Airlines for the Saudi Royal hanger as an inspection engineer and went to school at Pakistan Embassy school aziziyah had a lot of friends most of them Pakistani and Indian yes sir those were the golden days which will naver come back again and also when ever i pass by that compound tears come in my eyes and with lost of memories like and if i get an opportunity get a job in Saudi Airlines i will live in the same villa were i grew up in which NE area. Dammam (Arabic: الدمّام ‎ ad-Dammām) is the sixth-most populous city in Saudi Arabia and the capital of the Eastern Province.The judicial and administrative bodies of the province, in addition to the administrative offices of other minor governmental departments functioning within the province, are located in the city. also do you know if they rent to residents who doesn’t necessarily work at Saudia Airline? First of all, what is a compound? I wish i could travel back at that time back in late 80’s. Zaahib | Search Properties By Directory - Search Results for: Compounds For Sale and/or For Rent in Saudi Arabia. Al-Rawdah Compound (Elite-2), Jeddah [King Faisal Hospital]- [Int. My wife joined me after I was there a month and some of my children later came over to spend a few years and attented Parents Cooperative school. Tel: 6607590 or mobile: 0505610608 Email: Rania Compound Location: Al Naeem Dist., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Tel: 6607103, 6549336 Red Sea Compound ), and cinema under construction etc. Thank you. Moreover, we have given the zip codes of 54 major districts of Jeddah below. looking for 2 bed room apartment for rent and how much? Email Address : 72,720 SR / year for 3 bed room villa,110,075 SR for 4 bedroom villa and  118,170 SR for 5 bedroom villa (Confirm with their management), Unfurnished or Furnished for higher price, Villas up to 5 bedrooms with larger garden, 7 recreational centers (one for women only) with swimming pools, Free electricity & water from own water treatment. Near by Points of Interest And its beautiful open green park in this scale is like no other. Dur Communities Jeddah offer different scales of compounds in order to meet different accommodation needs of different affordable budgets. I enjoyed my time there and all of the Saudi and various expat friends that I met. I lived at the end of the golden age of the compound, the golden age of the compound was the 1980s-1990s where it was dominated by Americans and the compound was like the little America of Jeddah, I lived there with few of those Americans remaining at that time. Al Rawdah is blessed with lively surroundings, fine restaurants, shopping areas and stunning attractions. © 1996 - 2020 Advanced Construction Co. All Rights Reserved Al Rawdah, Jeddah, Western Region. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. SVSARED: Search compounds for rent in Jeddah with maps & photos on Choose from our 111 compounds Short Term compounds & Long Term Rentals ... Ar Rawdah, Jeddah, Makkah Al Mukarramah. M. Call Email. * Premium Quality, Super Spacious & Brand New 3BR Apartment in a Compound in Jeddah. Abdullah Compound. SAR 35000 / year - 3 BR - New 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Rawdah dist with modern design with great location between madina road and hamad algaser st. Rawdah dist. Since 2010, Cobone has sold 4 million vouchers and saved 2 million happy customers over 300 million dollars. From this compound, it is easy to access both the Madinah Road as well as Prince Sultan Street. They do not seem to have a website! Where do you want to stay? In those days the Saudi City was used exclusivly for airline staff and maintenance workers. * This compound is located in the central district of Jeddah. To get in touch with us please send an email to (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ©Copyright2021 HYBRIDCAMEL.All Rights Reserved. Rawdah Dist. توثيق طلب التعديل بمرجع سيجعل احتمالية ظهور التعديل أعلى. I retired from my plumbing business and now work as an author. The compound offers 79 apartments of three types, one bedroom, two bedroom , and three bedroom apartments and scattered on three … Saudia City is the largest compound in size in Jeddah by far. This includes three residential compounds, Dur Al Rawdah/Dur Al Yasmin/Dur Al And.. Dur Communities Jeddah "Dur Al Rawdah Compound/Dur Al Andalus Compound / Dur Al Yasmin Compound ". It is so large that it is common for the residents to get around within the compound by car. Dur Al Yasmin is the other property under Dur management, is the newest apartments’ compound in Jeddah, recently launched, designed for the accommodation of Executives / Supervisors & their families , located in Rawdah district , in front of Dar Jana International School. Search Results can be filtered by Type of Ad: For Sale and/or For Rent. : 270. Rented. ar 3 bedroom villa comes with a living and a dining room with separate kitchen downstairs. I went to playgroup at the compound and would never the Water Tawer, Shawarma stall, Star Market, Baseball court (built by the Americans during the golden age of the compound), bus park (next to the baseball field, the buses were used to transport expat kids to school in AISJ back then), the mosque in NE area, cricket field, tennis courts, and many more iconic places in the compound. 2021 © All Rights Reserved. Compound. 250 sqm. The Zipcode of the district Al Balad where the majority of historical buildings, SAMA head office, and SAPTCO Jeddah can be found is 22233. Please i want to know if u reduce the rent? MEET OUR SISTER COMPANY. Villa. Call. Rawda Suites Hotel - Al Darraja located at the famous Darajja roundabout in the heart of Jeddah and very close to the main shopping malls. Al-Rawdah Residence Compound | Dur Hospitality | Saudi Arabia Check other compounds here – List of Compounds for Rent in Jeddah, looking for 2 bed room apartment for rent, I lived in Saudia City from 1999-2012, I grew up there roaming the huge compound with my bike and having friends from different nationalities, I will never forget the times I grew up there. 1BedRoom, 1Bathroom, 1Living/Dining Hall, 1Kitchen with fully equipped, 1Balcony attached. Own parking space with open back space. The map created by people like you! I love the memory. You can also reach out through the contact page at the bottom of this website. Al-Rawdah District (Great Location) Central Location Easy access to most of the International Schools that include (Jeddah Prep, American, British, Tamer, Darjana) * The neighborhood of this compound … Compounds2019.04.04 Please always confirm with the management. Reference No. Jeddah – Administration Building – Khalidiya – Jeddah – the ground floor – Saudi Arabia, ص.ب 620 مركز تكلفة 19100130 مجمع الروضة – AlRawdah Compound من هنا يمكنكم أضافة معلومة جديدة أو تعديل معلومة خاطئة. SAR 35000 / year - 3 BR - Rawdah dist. As with any growing organization "Al Mukmal" ventured into real estate investment in 1997, by launching our flagship project "Al Mukmal Plaza" on the Palestine Street. Required fields are marked *. I now know who had part in it. Al Rawdah hotels. Spring Village Compound شارع فهد الرشودي Jeddah. ate of the art Showroom conveniently located in the heart of Jeddah. Brits normally congregate around Basateen Compound where British International School Jeddah or affectionately called 'Conti' is located while Americans are around Al-Zahraa. J|One Residence is a premier residential complex, located in north Jeddah, J|ONE has been designed to provide tenants with a high standard of accommodation introducing new innovative architecture and design to the countr.. Dur Communities Jeddah offer different Check-out. I lived in Saudia City for ten years from 1976 until 1986 working with facilities Maintenance for Saudi Arabian Airlines. We will go to the desert and the sea to find out more ! 3 . Al-Yasamin Residential Compound is located at Al-Rawdah district in Jeddah and is comprising 168 residential units including a number of apartments of different sizes and independent rooms, a fitness center and parking lots. M. Call Email. On this website, we are putting together information on life in JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia. The project is designed by Revere Architects in Jeddah. SAR 130,000. Prince sultan street Jeddah Saudi Arabia 012 - 6522358 I also tried calling +966920022222 and +9666820030 and both dont work. This compound is situated at Asfahan Rd., Adjacent to Jeddah International Airport, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Tel: +966 2 272 7800, 6940930 Email: [email protected] Facebook Page Belleview Location: Madina Road, Jeddah Tel: 966-02-665-7666, 664-2636, 660-4276 Email: [email protected] Architectural animation for Al-Rawdah residential compound in Al-Taif KSA. Jeddah. Search compounds for rent in Ar Rawdah, Jeddah with maps & photos on Choose from our 16 compounds Short Term compounds & Long Term Rentals Probably the only compound in Jeddah that has a supermarket not just a mini-market. Physical Address Sari Gate Center, Office No. affordable budgets.