Many say it masks the flavor and, instead, recommend a … ~ raykalendek, raykalendek, I really appreciate your comments on Chablis wine in US vs real Chablis…when we were in France several months ago and tasted the real thing it was a truly amazing discovery of how wrong the US version of this great wine was and why I never liked it. Coppertail Brewing (Tampa, FL) Captain Jack’s Stone Crab Stout with Cedar Island Selects, Many, many years ago, I “straightened out” a senior VP of the national organization my job was affiliated with after he showed up late to a meeting between us at a haunt of mine in the Old Port area of Portland, ME when I passed the time by eating a dozen or two oysters accompanied by shots of ice cold vodka…seemed like a good idea at the time! Bon appetit! You just don’t want any wine with a lot of oak, it gives the oyster a real vegetal quality.” 2. Even in the warmth of the Languedoc this varietal retains acid, bright fruit and a rocky, stony quality—qualities [that] are awesome with oysters, especially east coast varieties. Again keep the wine young and unoaked. I’ve also had some martinis made with oyster liquor instead of of olive brine that have turned out nicely. Sauternes with Kumamoto or Hama Hama west coast oysters, which are small and sweet with notes of melon and cucumber. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. That is, until Eric Lee (pictured), chef de cuisine at Jax Denver, let me in on a little secret: oysters and vodka. Drink champagne or local bubbles with California’s Hog Island Sweetwaters. All rights reserved. And with an ABV of 3.7%, you can just keep quaffing. It’s traditional for raw oysters to be served with a one or more condiments, namely lemon wedges, cocktail sauce, and a shallot mignonette. The coastal Palomino! Fino Sherry Another coastal wine, Sherry is produced in and around Jerez de la Frontera in the Andalusia region of Spain. 9. I like Methode Ancestral (but not all) or brut zero wines because they have no residual sugar. As the name implies, juniper rules here, creating a pleasantly pungent combo with oysters. 2. —Jon-David Headrick, Jon-David Headrick Selections, Charlotte, N.C. 7. I think it would hold its own with briny oysters and fit well with creamy oysters. My favorite way to dress raw oysters is with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Since Sherry is a fortified wine, it features a nuttiness not typically found in wines with lower percentages of alcohol, which works rather well with salty foods. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, In This Recipe, Cauliflower Takes Its Rightly Place As A Main Course, Colorful Island Of Procida Wins Italy’s Culture Capital In 2022, Wolfsonian-FIU, Museum Of Graffiti, Prove Bigger Isn’t Better In Miami’s Dynamic Arts Scene, Ten Things That Will Never Get Old About French Bistros, Lake Cruising Goes Luxe: Bravada’s Inventive Invictus, Fan Of Bridgerton? Think shrimp cocktails are a little too old school? —Rashmi Primlani, “Some are on the funkier, more salty side, while others are very subtle in flavor with a beautifully clean finish.”. The acidity works so well with the texture and salinity and those quenchy citrus notes are a perfect frame to boot. 1. It gets overlooked by Americans, but the attributes that flor aging contribute really lift the fresh oceany quality of oysters—doubly so if you have Manzanilla on hand. Who would have thought you could cook them up in 4 minutes in the air fryer? There are hundreds of oyster varieties, each with distinctive characteristics. Chris Coker, sommelier, Bourbon Steak at The Four Seasons Washington, D.C. 2. © 2021 Forbes Media LLC. —Kevin McGuire, DipWSET, sommelier The Wine House, Fairfax, Va. 10. I have enjoyed many oysters… Carlsbad Blondes and Hood Canals especially… when paired with a good sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. To me, the perfect pairing is found in two wines: Crémant d’Vouvray and Fino Sherry. I particularly like Sancerres grown on a hard type of limestone called Caillottes [in Loire Valley] with oysters, as these have a linear quality to them that plays well with more delicate types of east coast oysters. I also like Hondarrabi Zuri Blanc from Txacholi (Spain’s Basque region)—again, explosive fresh fragrance, delicate, fun and frivolous. So, of course, restaurants with raw bars around the country are offering up National Oyster Day specials, with happy hours, shooters, and a variety of oysters from both coasts on offer. Now, my favorite wine store is selling me a number of true Chablis from France at reasonable prices to accompany my lovely oysters…it is a perfect wine for oysters. Picpoul Blanc from the Languedoc is beautiful. —Whit Meyers, wine director at Park House Dallas. I have matured since then and have not gone back to that intoxicating combination. Raw Oysters on the Half Shell. —Gregory Mayer, Berns Steak House, Tampa, Fla. 8. When finished with a raw oyster on the shell, you can turn it over on the crushed ice to signify you’re done (and signal the server that you’re ready for more! Even though it’s the same grape variety, the slippery textured, fuller flavoured Pinot Gris does not enjoy the same oyster matching capabilities. For Atlantic coast oysters, which are a little more briny, I would choose a young first wine, or even something like St Croix du Mont (Bordeaux) or Cerons (Southwest France). A Gin martini or classic Gin & Tonic go down very nicely with a plate of delectable oysters. I thought the lean, crisp freshness of the light red wine would work as well as a lean, crisp, fresh white wine, as long as the tannins were well integrated and light. ~ Northeaster, Salty, citrus forward and drift-woody scotches, like Bunnahabhain, Highland Park, and Scapa are always my favorite, especially with European Flats and Olympias. The low alcohol content in beer won't sterilize anything anyway (it is the boiling wort part of the MAKING of beer that made beer a "healthy" option in the olden days :) Citrus flavors, provided that sweetness is in check, are like a mignonette in a glass. Mignonette sauce.With the famous mignonette sauce invented by the French. The more confident among us can order a raw oyster kit from Locals Oyster Bar. This dry white wine from northern Italy is renowned for its racy lemony/lime acidity and feint aromas of green apple and honeysuckle. 2. And, indeed, this wine proved my theory. The bubbles provide textural contrast while the acidity helps cut through the creaminess. For wine, I cannot think of a red that works all that well (maybe just my ignorance, of course), but for whites I really like a Picpoul from the Rhone Valley of France or a nice Austrian Gruner Veltliner. The best versions exude delicate nuances that evolve with time from lightweight apertif styles exhibiting zesty lemon and grapefruit to full body, rich styles singing with spice, ginger, and honey when blessed with botrytis cinerea aka noble rot. The wine should be served cool (45 to 50 degrees F), so please avoid chilling it for too long: The icy cold decreases our ability to taste the nuances and subtleties of these wines. William Fèvre 2013 Les Clos Grand Cru Chardonnay ($115) or Domaine Pinson 2013 Mont de Milieu Premier Cru Chardonnay ($49) are both well regarded wines, the Grand Cru rather more exclusive than the Premier Cru, will be usually and expectedly a bit more demanding on our pocketbooks. ~ Rowan Jacobsen, I agree with your choice of beers in terms of style, and think beer is a great compliment to oysters. I may be biased, having a family from Spain and all, but when enjoying Fino and oysters while being as objective as possible, to me there’s hardly a better wine pairing to oysters. Or even breakfast. The classic pairings are obviously Muscadet, Chablis and Champagne. —Carrie Strong, wine director, Casa Lever, New York City. 5. This balances the two flavors and makes the oyster taste meatier and the wine jump with flavors of ripe peach and white flowers. 6. But remember, oysters can also pair with other drinks like gin gimlets, pilsners, scotch, or even absinthe! You may opt-out by. Whether you like big or small oysters is a personal thing, but the oyster should look full in the shell and not be too thin or taste too salty. Jeff Harding, beverage director, Waverly Inn, New York City. Of course, the classic is dry champagne. They accentuate and pair well with the saltiness and brininess, and I like a light citrus squeeze. Its Kimmeridgian clay and limestone subsoil is peculiar to its location and its climate somewhat harsh, imparting to its wines the wonderfully dry, flinty flavor for which they’re known. 13. If I really want to capture the spirit, I will make a bloody Caesar. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Sauternes—this used to be a classic pairing in the late 18th century. If you want bubbles with your oysters, a great match is a brut nature Pinot Noir from the Aube/Côte des Bar region of southern Champagne. Finely chop a shallot and leave it to marinate in red wine vinegar. 10+ opinions of the Best Drink with Oysters My thoughts on the subject are always evolving, but the general rules that always hold are, for beer, crisp crisp crisp (think pilsner) and not too hoppy. The bright acidity of fresh citrus pairs perfectly with the briny ocean salinity of raw oysters. For wine, right now I’m drinking Eric Sussman’s County Line Rose. My personal preference is to serve quality white wine a bit warmer, even. It’s on Bedford avenue in Brooklyn . Also, for that same coastal reason, Txakoli! Raw oysters aren’t as straightforward. With a west coast oyster, I’d want more acid and fruit and merely hints of botrytis, so look for a young second wine from a good house like Climens, Suduiraut, Guiraud or Lafaurie-Peyraguey—it’s really a classic salty-sweet pairing. 1. Some great whites I’ve paired with oysters would be Txakolina from the Basque region of Spain as well as various Muscadets. Moderate peatiness acts as a bridge to the seafood brine, with satisfying spice on the finish. Sherry is made from Palomino grapes that benefit from the large amount of sea breeze they’re hit with as they grow. Eric literally crafts the wine with Hog Island Sweetwaters in mind (and sometimes in hand), but it’s equally beautiful with other Pacifics and even Eastern oysters, thanks to all the edgy acidity and aromatics. I was happy to partake if a dining companion ordered them (or if the bivalves were a happy hour special), but I never craved them. Think, brunch. For West Coast Oysters I prefer a slight chilled Fino Ynocente sherry. If there’s a better wine to pair with great oysters, I’ve failed to discover it. There is a great balance between sweetness, freshness and salinity in this pairing, like the final summer sunsets changing into warm, crisp autumn days. Troit Toits Muscadet, Interesting Pairings Valdespino Family Manzanilla ~ Northeaster, I love pairing East Coast oyster with a nice, slightly chilled Manzanilla Sherry. —Cate Hatch, CS, CSW, general manager/sommelier, Southern Belle & Georgia Boy. Eat and Drink Perfect Pairing: Oysters and Vodka By Daliah Singer • February 13, 2014. All Oyster Recipes Ideas. As God intended…~ belder, We experiment with numerous dry whites but when I am at our local Cajun place with half price oysters at happy hour, I like a dry draft beer. I'm going full Fino Sherry for this pairing. A career journalist, I turned my attention (and tastebuds) to wine reporting in 2009 and have covered trends, products, regions and the business of wine ever since. The brinier the oysters the better, but it works with [sweeter] west coast oysters as well if you use a younger, more vibrant Sauternes. Earlier this year, a Texas woman died after eating raw oysters as well. Join the discussion today. Join the discussion today. A career journalist, I turned my attention (and tastebuds) to wine reporting in 2009 and have covered trends, products, regions and the business of wine ever since. It is a light-bodied, lean, crisp, mouth-watering red wine with tannins on the soft, mellow side—an important key to its ability to pair with oysters. A great option is a glass or bottle of Crémant de Limoux; Crémant is a non-Champagne sparkling wine produced in the city of Limoux in Southwest France. Always looking to expand my Oyster Horizons. Well, how about adding a twist by … Read the Need suggestions for sides for a raw oyster party discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Oysters food community. 11. Drink Recipes See all Drink Recipes . During the 18th century, Americans put pairing booze and oysters on the map, from beer to absinthe in taverns from north to south. I recommend it to everyone ~ ChefEspo, I live in San Diego, so I grew up having oysters in Baja. Style matters when pairing with oysters, so be sure to choose one of the lighter, drier options such as Fino, otherwise, your oysters will end up being overpowered. I like Greg’s Scotch choices. These wines, while produced from Chardonnay, are more reflective of their soils–especially in the idione-y, crushed oyster shells aromas–than of the grape from which they’re produced. I believe much of the fun of finding new oysters is the subtleties of each and finding suitable drink companions for them. Drink Recipes. Clos Roillette Gamay with Belons or any smoked/baked oyster At the same time, the gueuze won't overpower the oyster or put it in the backseat. Beer? Pour the gin and oyster liquor into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Later this year we will be just outside Paris and I hope to experience some more interesting wine pairings with their oysters. Oysters often are served with a condiment of minced shallots, cracked pepper and vinegar. A young Sauternes like Rieussec 2014 or 2013 carries notes of candied citrus, fresh melon and wild flowers. The San Francisco Bay Area’s classic oyster is a Pacific variety known as the Hog Island Sweetwater, impeccably farmed on Tomales Bay.After harvest, the oysters are purified with UV-sterilized salt water in what Hog Island Oyster Co. calls the “oyster spa.”. Now, take an oyster, dress it with some of the mignonette sauce and enjoy. He talked about the move into non vintage Scotch being the future for single malts….sounds heretical but I tried one (can’t recall the name) and it was not bad…but, I have never tried my Dalwhinnie with oysters so this discussion has enlightened me! Wine? I personally love the sweet fruity flavors with robust salty flavors, so sparkling Vouvray is one of my favorites with oysters. 1 raw oyster, liquor reserved; 1 strip of lemon peel ; Preparation. He usually recommended a dry white wine or one of his milder dry draft beers. ~ Rowan Jacobsen. —Rebecca Murphy, wine columnist, and founder of Dallas Morning News Wine Competition (predecessor to TEXSOM International Wine Awards). It just feels light and fresh, an incredible quaffer. Caviar.The most sumptuous of pairings. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is ideal, crisp and lively, just what you want with a “fatty” Hog Island oyster, or the more mild chenin blanc from Loire Valley with a Prince Edward Island oyster.” —John Foy, These raw oysters make a great appetizer, dipped into Tyler's cucumber mignonette sauce or cocktail sauce. Eat fresh shipped oysters. Having covered most European wine regions and a few in South America (20 countries and counting), I am always looking for a new wine-stained stamp in my passport. On a warm day by the beach eating gulf oysters, this is my preferred pairing. A well-balanced, effervescing mineral water can be a simple but also sublime foil to oysters, taken only on their own. I’m not alone in this opinion; last year Eric Asimov named it Best California Rose in the New York Times. To me, the marriage of the like flavors between Fino and oysters is incendiary. I have been making the case for even longer that Muscadet, the white from … As a fan of cold gin martinis with oysters, I can personally attest that the latter fear is unfounded. Alcohol itself has no affect on Vibrio. The taste of the oysters can, as such, be enjoyed in splendid isolation. —Emily Tolbert, wine director, Savoir and La Grande Rue, Houston. ~ Northeaster, I agree Bloody Marys can be great, but I’ve decided that they really need to be paired with Olympias. At the Maestro S.V.P. If you want something harder with your oysters I would go with a martini. 4. Just play with how much salt and how much sweet are in each side of the pairing: They all work, but it’s lots of fun to experiment. It is crisp, clean and isn’t harmed by a little horseradish and Tabasco. by Ilene Polansky . Enjoy them just as they are. 12. ~ skippe36. How about cider and oysters? Cocktail Sauce. Shell game. Camino Roca Txakolina Imagine squeezing a spritz of lemon over your shellfish. Something my dad told me, “Enjoy every oyster you ever eat…because that oyster…might just be your last.” ~ OysterMax, Okay, I have a new favorite: Hill Farmstead Works of Love, a hoppy blonde ale brewed with Earl Grey tea. Read page 3 of the What to drink while eating raw oysters discussion from the Chowhound General Discussion food community. After drinking the whiskey, he put the oysters into the goblet, adding salt and pepper, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, horseradish, and ketchup. The sweet delicate meat also contrasts nicely with the sourness of the beer making each item pop. We have visited this topic often, as it is a very, very important one, at least in my world. Oysters were never really my thing. Pacifico/Tecate and Hornitos Repesado have always lead to some good times when paired up with a big Pacificas or Nautilus Oysters in San Quintin. | Privacy, Classic inside and out, amazing fresh seafood, rev…, I went on a Thursday night before a riverdogs game…, We always enjoy eating here. 1. ~ auggie, I will sometimes stick with the whole theme of flavor and have a Bloody Mary. I hold the Advanced Wine & Spirits Education Trust certification and anticipate receiving the Diploma in 2020. And a bad oyster will smell, well, bad. Picpoul is very good with oysters. Muscadet could really go either way depending on region and wine maker, but i prefer the mellow, vanilla noted muscadets with my oysters. ~ Mattdinkel33, Specific Pairings: 3. (And to be fair, really any sparkling Chenin Blanc with oysters.) Email: Copyright ©2021 Oysterater. ), “Oysters, like wine, have a distinct set of flavors depending on where in the world they exist,” says sommelier Emily Tolbert, wine director at Savoir and La Grande Rue in Houston. To that end, many sommeliers turn to tried and true wines for pairing with all kinds of mollusks‚ and here, France rules: Muscadet from Loire Valley, Champagne and Chablis. So far it seems quite promising! Showing 1-18 of 360. What drink do you like best with oysters? Both wines are made from Chardonnay grown in genuinely cool climates and mineral-rich soils, keeping the fruit juicy and tightly focused. Grand or Premier Cru Chablis are rather expensive, so for most they’re pairings for only the freshest, choicest oysters. Being hungry, the miner asked on the the restaurant’s waiters to bring him a plate of California raw oysters with some ketchup, horseradish, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and a whiskey cocktail. Sounds like I could drink with belder anytime. ~ Northeaster, I have to say that when me and my wife went to Maison Premiere we not only were blown away by the oyster selection . ~ gbabinecz, We are starting to play around with Barr Hill Gin (Caledonia Spirits) and oysters. Cocktail Sauce. Cocktail sauce is probably the most traditional topping. Wine: Here at Ye Olde Chronicle, we’ve debating this since at least 2007, when we first considered whether Old or New World wines worked best. The mixologist specialize in absinthe cocktails .WOW ! Join the discussion today. Personally I like to take a different approach, [like] Viognier from France—for example, Jaboulet’s “Incognito C.” The higher alcohol mitigates the salty brine of the oyster. If you’re eating raw oysters, you want something that is very dry and has high acidity. Slurping and sipping became all the rage in places like New York City, where oysters were plentiful and consumed by all socio-economic classes, from street carts to high-end men’s clubs. Northeast coastal oysters tend to have a longer shaped shell, are leaner in meatiness, yet still retain a moderately briny, salty, steely flavor, delicious for eating raw or with no more than a squeeze of lemon or splash of mignonette (a white wine vinegar/shallot dip). This Romantic Collab From LoveShackFancy X BeachRiot Will Be The Diamond Of Your Workout, Bling Empire: The Best Dressed Hit New Show From Netflix, Wendy Williams On Her New Documentary: ‘I Can’t Believe I Survived.’. So simple and such a treat. Valdespino Family Fino Ynocente Learn about oysters and coastal restoration. Ledaig 10-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Eric S. Crane, Empire Distributors Inc., Atlanta, 3. Oysters are really one of nature’s most magical delicacies. Several months ago, I was in Denver & got into a conversation with the Highland Park company rep. However, many oyster devotees advise against destroying the unique taste of oysters by refraining from drinking anything but water and that wine cannot stand up to their rich array of gustatory sensations. It’s sort of like how a mignonette, made with a sweet vinegar, is great with oysters. What to Drink with Oysters . The food to match was fried seafood, including white fish, oysters and clams—not quite the same as raw oysters. ~ Rowan Jacobsen. Just from the number of oysters being served up tonight, it looks like oysters are getting even more popular with our Cornell students and their parents (many here for spring break). The classic raw oyster pairings begin in France with fully dry nonvintage Blanc de blancs Champagnes, or recent-vintage Chablis. Grillo, Sicily’s noble indigenous white grape—the love child of the generous Catarrato and fragrant Zibbibo— [is] the unsung hero in [my] humble opinion. I took an Alois Lageder, Vigneti delle Dolomite IGT, Shiava 2018 to a food and wine pairing event. Plus, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society recently held a Scotch-and-oyster … I don’t want to hog this spot, but this evening I asked our shucker at the local oyster bar if he gets asked this question very often and he replied that it is fairly common. I just did a blind tasting of 25 single-malts and chose Highland Park (15) best in show. Top notch oysters wit…, European Herpes Threatens America’s Oysters, A lil’ data art of North Puget Sound oysters. In the fall months, these sweet mollusks develop a slightly briny flavor. The bubbles play on the tongue and the acidity brightens the palate. 4. I. For this pairing, I personally don't want a Gueuze that's too acidic. Plenty of oyster lovers claim … And by martini, I mean gin, up with a twist. Unsurprisingly, this lends the grapes a fair amount of minerality, which translates perfectly to foods that are briny or salty in any way, oysters being a prime example. How to Stick to Healthy Eating Resolutions in 2021 Read Toast a few slices of bread and spread them with a good quality unsalted butter. There’s a sea-breeze salinity in a well-made brut zero. The added zestiness of Sauvignon also helps with strong seasonings like shallot and red wine vinegar or Tabasco. The acidity of the gueuze will contrast nicely with the saltiness and light richness of raw oysters to really highlight the oyster's character. For wine, right now I’m drinking Eric Sussman’s County Line Rose. Other reporting appaers in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the International Herald Tribune, Entrepreneur, Wine Enthusiast, and Saveur magazines, and some guidebooks. Quarterly Newsletter (Sample) I have also had some delicious Blue Points and Phantom Creeks when matched up with a Hendrick gin and tonic. restaurant in Montreal, Canada, the oyster bar carries at least fifteen different varieties at any given time. Fortunately, California producers of cheap wines that had nothing in common with authentic Chablis have mostly desisted from the practice of labeling their products “Chablis.” A true Chablis is a wine grown in a region halfway between Dijon and Paris, and stands apart from the rest of Burgundy. So folks with liver damage (including alcohol abusers) should avoid raw oysters due to the risk of vibrio. Just bright enough for oysters. This is what they would drink round Bordeaux, also an oyster-producing area and it works elsewhere too, particularly when oysters are served, as they often are Down Under, with Asian flavours. Sake? I love the flavor of oysters but will not eat them raw due to texture. The tea is subtle enough that you wouldn’t guess it if you didn’t know. That’s what you want your wine to do! I also really enjoy a pairing of chilled Fino Sherry—this has the opposite effect of the Viognier—it accents the salty brine and makes the oyster taste sharp. For that special occasion, our friends who call Cascadia home might try one of these wines, or another Chablis possibly recommended by their favorite wine merchant, paired with a dozen Olympia (affectionately referred to as Olys); or for easterners, with a plate of wonderful PEI oysters: Summerside are quite good. Monthly Ratings But as Gen. Douglas MacArthur famously said, “rules are meant to be broken.” So, if you’re feeling a bit of truancy with your oyster and wine pairings, check out what these pros drink with. Oyster Week continues today with the drink side of things. (Consensus: both.) Welcome! Hendricks is a great choice as the subtle cucumber notes complement the oysters well. I love sparkling Vouvray: It has a bright pop of fresh fruit on the palate that lends itself as a better flavor partner with saltiness and brininess. Sparkling Wine and Champagne Bubbles and oysters go together like PB & J. (splash of clam juice added) ~ LtChief25, Hands down, my favorite oyster accompanying beverage is Prosecco! My thoughts on the subject are always evolving, but the general rules that always hold are, for beer, crisp crisp crisp (think pilsner) and not too hoppy. I am a huge fan of dry Aussie Riesling with oysters!