Anime fans have been anticipating a new season of Re:Zero for nearly four years and the wait is just about over. They erode or destroy all life and matter around her as well as taking abstract things like thoughts and sometimes even memories. After her surprise appearance at the third witches tea party, a lot of details were revealed about Satella, also known as the Witch of Envy. Here's my theory of what the backstory and plot of Re:Zero is. After lots of thinking, i’ve come to a realisation that i … Press J to jump to the feed. Amethyst Purple All Rights Reserved. Satella will totally creep you out. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 7 months ago. Height Witches of Sin Anime It begins with Subaru’s death while defeating the Witch of Envy and Emilia travelling back in time (or an alternate universe). After unfortunate delays, the first half of the second season is set to premiere on July 8th, with the second half scheduled for a January 2021 release.. Race Your email address will not be published. Authority The Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World anime television series is an adaptation of a light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. Contrary to popular belief, Satella and the Witch of Envy are separate personalities, formed when she took in incompatible Witch Factors. If the world indeed was being reset, then these incidents should not have happened. Also, this could also be her reason behind Satella, who is currently defeated and sealed away, wanting to resurrect in Emilia’s body. Let us know your opinion in the comments section! Half Elf Anime Hey guy I am slowly practicing my English I honestly think it getting better I hope you enjoy video. This also might be the reason why Subaru has some type of connection with the witch. One day, he's summoned to another world. English Voice When Subaru encountered her at Echidna's tea party, she wore a black dress made of shadows that seemed to wave in accordance with her heartbeat. © 2021 - Animehunch. This part was revealed in the Light Novels during the third witches tea party but was comfortably ignored in the anime. The Witch of Greed has proven herself to be a bit spooky on the outside but a softy on the inside in Re:Zero Episode 3. First one is that Satella and Witch of Envy are two different personalities. Her rampage results in her almost destroying the world and is subsequently fought and sealed by Flugel, Reid Astrea, Volcanica and Shaula. Personal Status Despite the efforts of many, including the Dragon, the Sword Saint, and the Sage, Satella was unable to be killed and was instead sealed in a shrine that is watched over. Of course, I know the Witch Cult intends to use Emilia's body as a vessel to resurrect Satella, but I wonder why? Not being able to find Subaru in her desperate state would ultimately cause her “Witch personality” to go out of control resulting in the Great Calamity. In the end, as we all know, Re:Zero has a history of surprising fans in the most unexpected ways. Light Novel The second season will introduce new characters and give the viewers more potentially jaw-dropping and heart-wrenching moments. We are also in process to provide an original & inspiring platform for budding manga/artists and writers who want to try their hand at becoming the next Akira Toriyama and have their works published, From its endearing characters to heart-throbbing action, My Hero Academia has established itself as a better…. Does the Witch of Envy want Subaru to represent pride? While we aren't writing, we are busy comparing our 2D-waifus! Authority of Envy In this episode we see a broken Emilia towards the end, whose eerie behaviour towards is oddly similar to that of the Witch of Envy we encountered at the Sanctuary. Satella is the Witch of Envy, who 400 years ago killed the six other Witches of Sin while swallowing half the world. The second one is the dialogue that Satella says about how Subaru saved her. Now Emilia does not have the power to revive him. Both these instances are cornerstones in the theories that assume Emilia is Satella. Now, here’s another observation, before Subaru gets isekai’d, he has a brief moment outside the store, where he experiences memories of Emilia lying in a pool of blood and Subaru promising to save her. That would explain her disappearance from the tomb. The adaptation was announced by Kadokawa in July 2015. This is because Satella (who is Emilia) has already seen it happen in her timeline. The Emilia from the current timeline would go on to become the Satella in some alternate timeline. Satella Voiced by: Rie Takahashi (Japanese), Kayli Mills (English) The Witch of Envy, one of the 7 witches also called the greatest evil. The only way he could be experiencing this was if Satella’s memories were getting transferred into him due to their connection or the whole process of being summoned. Read ahead at your own discretion! Emilia must have intended to go back in time to the point where she could save Subaru. Kayli Mills Debuts Re:Zero: Is Emilia Satella, The Witch Of Envy? I noticed that even in fandoms this is rarely discussed, there are 7 Sins, but everyone acts as if Envy doesn't exist. Now, there is one slight chance that this whole loop might stop, and that is if Subaru manages to save Satella and also himself. We can hear you folks laughing, but hear us out for once! Why Did Subaru Reject Echidna’s Contract In Re:Zero? The Witch of Envy's identity is Rem. Being desperate, she consumes a witch factor that lets her control time. Most of the past witches differentiate between the 2 as Satella is the nicer one and "the witch" won't listen to reason. Her actual name is first used during the introduction to Subaru as Satella, which is also the name of the \"Jealous Witch\", said to resemble herself and is responsible for discriminating the race of the fellow human-elf hybrids. Wait!! However, her behaviour towards Subaru has only raised more doubts about Satella’s relation to Emilia. Now, going back in time, Emilia realised that she overdid it. Although the abilities of the Authority of Envy haven't been revealed. Initially, he was unable to see her face because of a black shadow covering her above her neck, which was created out of his reluctance to accept her, however he later accepts her and becomes able to see her face, mentioning afterward that she looked exactly the same as Emilia. Contrary to popular belief, Satella and the Witch of Envy are separate personalities, formed when she took in incompatible Witch Factors. Before the dream palace collapses, she knowingly tells Subaru that he would kill her in the end. Does Subaru have the Return by Death because he is a sin representative? In Review: Jujutsu Kaisen’s Much Loved New Opening And Ending! This also explains why the Sin Archbishops obsess over the Witchof Envy’s love. Satella's true form bears a stark resemblance to Emilia (as noted by Subaru) - She has a slender body, long silver hair with violet colored eyes, along with elven ears. During his second meeting with Satella, Subaru comes to realise that Satella cares deeply for him.

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