[141], To-date, Deja remains best known for animating several of Disney's most famous villains, admitting to preferring animating villains over heroes. "[98] Peter Stack of the San Francisco Chronicle commended Disney for "nail[ing] the voice talents," specifically Irons. Also, I animated a couple of those villains because I asked to. "[136] Aside from Disney and animation, Scar is often revered as one of the greatest movie villains of all-time. On June 24th, 1994, Disney released the film The Lion King in the United States. I told the studio that I could do something good with these characters, since they really spoke to me. Scar then adopted the nickname and began plotting to personally kill his brother. In addition to that, there was an ascend in which Scar was originally going to defeat Simba, and throw him off Pride Rock, before they are both engulfed by flames. [sic]"[152], Although universally acclaimed, Scar has sparked considerable controversy regarding the character's appearance and personality, specifically his darker-colored fur and alleged sexuality. Scar: The Lion King Scar’s aggression towards his brother Mufasa goes far deeper than simple sibling rivalry; it stems from the deep rooted symptoms of his disorder. "[93].mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}, "Simba is also influenced by his delectably wicked uncle, Scar (Jeremy Irons). In the hour-long season 3 special Battle for the Pride Lands, Scar battles the Lion Guard, attempting to burn down Pride Rock, as well as kill Janja and his clan along with them for being tempted to defect to Jasiri’s clan. "[35] Describing Irons as "a gentleman and a brilliant actor," Allers revealed that the actor was constantly offering "extra interpretations of lines which were fantastic. He was created in 1989 by screenwriters Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and Linda Woolverton, and animated by Andreas Deja. The entirety of it is based on events that happened off-screen. Added The way I see it, ... you and I are exactly the same: ... we both want to find a way out. [139] Similarly, in 2012, Entertainment Weekly ranked the character the twenty-fifth "Most Vile Movie Villain" ever,[140] while Total Film ranked Scar sixty-seventh in 2014. "[79] Scar plays a similar role in the video game The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure (2000);[80] Simba's climactic "battle with Scar concludes the first six levels of the game. ranked Scar fifth, with author John Boone writing that the character "plotted one of the most painful deaths in Disney history, so you know he'll never be forgotten. Scar Eats Mufasa Lion King Fan Theory is a hypothesis based on the plot of the 1994 Disney animated film The Lion King. The Lion King 2 is expected to be a prequel that explores Mufasa's backstory, and it should address his biggest failure as a king: why he cruelly calls his brother "Scar". "[130] Animation World Network ranked Scar the sixth best animated villain. Scar from The Lion King is easily one of the most iconic Disney villains — I mean, not only did he murder his own brother to become King of The Pride Lands, but … "[26] Additionally, Scar serves as a departure from previous Disney villains because they "came off at least as buffoonish as they were sinister". In what may be the first big conspiracy theory of 2021, fans of the iconic Disney film The Lion King believe they have discovered proof that Mufasa was eaten by Scar. "[14] (This line is given minor edits for the 2019 remake: "Life's ... not fair. In a scene that could disturb younger viewers, Mufasa's demise is shown. ", "The Lion King Turns 20 Today ... and It Was the Most Unlikely Success Story You Will Ever Hear", "20 Things You Didn't Know About The Lion King", "Interview: Roger Allers and Bob Minkoff (The Lion King 3D)", "The 10 Best Cartoon Villains – Part Two: The Evil Villains", "Disney Animator Andreas Deja in the MCL", "An Interview with Animator Andreas Deja", "AN INTERVIEW WITH ROB MINKOFF AND ROGER ALLERS, CO-DIRECTORS OF THE LION KING", "Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Lion King", "Disney's master animator Andreas Deja calls 'Bambi' animated poetry", "UltimateDisney.com's Interview with Andreas Deja, legendary Disney animator and expert", "The Darkest Song From 'The Lion King' Was Based On A 1935 Nazi Propaganda Film", "REVIEW: Disney's Circle of Life comes around again", "Review: 'The Lion King' Makes Me Cry All Over Again In 3D", "The Lion King's Chiwetel Ejiofor on the diabolical psychology of Scar", "The Lion King: EW visits the set of Disney's rule-breaking beast of a remake", "David Oyelowo To Voice Scar In Disney Junior's 'The Lion Guard, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TI66H6rEzxI, "Disney's The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure", "4 Disney Easter Eggs Secretly Hidden In 'Frozen, "27 Disney Movie Easter Eggs You May Have Seriously Never Noticed", "10 Disney Easter Eggs You May Have Missed", "The Lion King – A good try, but not as good as Beauty and the Beast", "The Lion King (1994) Review/Film; The Hero Within The Child Within", "Entertaining 'Lion King' Lacks The Flair Of Disney's Best", "Disney's 'Lion King' Let Loose / Story, animation tops in jungle tale", "Manely, It's Great 'The Lion King' Surpasses Its Hype With Quality", "The Lion King Remake's Scar is More Frightening than the Original", "From Disney Springs A King Of The Beasts", "10 Over-the-top Animated Movie Villains", "Scar, Gaston, Maleficent: Who is Disney's greatest ever villain? Some of the funniest memes we received from our fans on Facebook. Updated [137] Digital Spy featured the character who, according to author Simon Reynolds, "underlined the sheer blackness of his heart by ruthlessly killing Simba's father,"[138] among the "25 greatest movie villains". The Best Memes That Made It Past Our "Meme Checkpoint" Facebook Chall ... 20 Memes To Celebrating The Best Week Of 2021 So Far. Scar was the brother of Mufasa, the king of the Pride Lands. [126] Similarly, Babble.com also placed the character at number six. Douchebag' Is Back With A Series Of YouTube Remixes, Dramatic 'Trolls' Line "Singing Killed My Grandma" Becomes Early 2021 Meme, #GroupChat Trends On TikTok As Users Get Creative With Emojis And Text-To-Speech, The Internet Celebrates The End Of EA's Exclusivity On 'Star Wars' Games With Influx Of Memes, Blasting 'Kernkraft 400' Over Images Of Accidental Racism Is A Certified iFunny Classic, Screenshot From Mary-Kate Olsen's Zoom Divorce Hearings Mesmerizes Twitter, The Tall Vampire Lady From Resident Evil Village Is The Mommy GF Twitter Was Searching For, Renderforest Memes Take Tired, Predictable Presentation Templates And Turns Them Into Hilarious Memes, /co/ Has Been Joking About Cursed Bootleg Bart Cart For Years. Nobody:Me explaining my crackhead Disney theories at 4am on discord pic.twitter.com/uildCE2faX. Upon returning to the Pride Lands, Kion acknowledges to his team that they have a tough fight ahead, but remains confident that they will be able to defeat Scar. [18][19] The writers eventually decided that making Scar and Mufasa brothers would make the film more interesting. [87] Author Peter M. Nichols wrote in his book New York Times Essential Library: Children's Movies: A Critic's Guide to the Best Films Available on Video and DVD that Scar "is the most interesting character in the film," describing Simba and Mufasa "bores in comparison. [143] Comparing Scar to other villains that he has played, Irons said that he "measures very highly," having "charm," "Machiavellian qualities" and being "iconic in some of the things he says."[32]. "[106] Praising the film for successfully combining "grand-opera melodrama and low-comedy hi-jinks," the Orlando Sentinel's Jay Boyar concluded that "One reason they work so well together is that even most of the serious sections contain an undercurrent of humor, provided ... by the deliciously droll voice-performance of Jeremy Irons as Scar. Scar in "Lion King" Lion King remains one of Disney's best animated films, and it highlights a villain—Scar—who actually wins, reigning as king for years before Simba's return. [16] A baboon himself, Scar was their leader. [12] According to Slate, while Claudius is mostly "a second-rate schemer ... consumed by anxiety and guilt," Scar very much "delight[s] in his monstrosity;"[13] both characters are motivated by jealousy. "[88] Janet Maslin of The New York Times called Scar a "delectably wicked" villain. ", A film that features the voices of several well-known A-list actors, namely Irons as Scar, Matthew Broderick as Simba, James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Nathan Lane as Timon, and Whoopi Goldberg as Shenzi,[94] The Lion King has since gone on to be acclaimed as "one of the most impressive arrays of voice talents ever utilized in an animated film. Bored, wicked and royally sarcastic, Mr. However, that doesn't mean this Lion King theory is correct. "[55], Before becoming involved with The Lion King, Deja had already developed a reputation for animating Disney villains. Berardinelli concluded, "The cold-hearted manner in which he causes Mufasa's death lets us know that this is not a lion to be trifled with. [148] Referring to Scar murdering Mufasa, The New York Times questioned "whether this film really warranted a G rating. His scar appears black instead of pink as in the original film and his general appearance is strikingly similar to that of an Asiatic lion, having a noticeably thinner mane and lighter physique. His nam… Scar and zira a not sister and brother because they have children. After Mufasa is lost to the stampede, there’s a scene in which Scar appears to be holding another lion’s skull. Although hesitant that then-Disney Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg would approve, the filmmakers ultimately decided to pursue it, describing the sequence as a "Triumph of the Will-style mock-Nuremberg rally. According to Hahn, "The comedy in [Irons's] inflection comes from Scar sounding so disdainful he can barely summon the will to finish the sentence. As the second-born cub of the monarch, Askari was tasked with leading the Lion Guard when he was younger and was given a power called the Roar of the Elders, which, when used, would cause the Great Kings of the Past to roar with him against t… Although Mufasa saves Simba, the king is weakened, and unable to climb out of the gorge to safety. In the photo-realistic computer animated remake, Scar is described by his voice actor Chiwetel Ejiofor as more "psychologically possessed" and "brutalized" than in the original film. "[34], As directors, Minkoff and Allers "work[ed] very closely with the actors to create their performance. [26] Additionally, Deja studied Irons' performances in the films Reversal of Fortune (1990) and Damage (1992) for inspiration,[26][62] while refusing to watch Disney's The Jungle Book while working on The Lion King in order to avoid being influenced by the film's villain - Shere Khan, a tiger. [56] The level anthropomorphism used in The Lion King exceeded that of any Disney animated film by which it was preceded. In The Lion King , Mufasa is portrayed as the just ruler of the Pride Lands and Simba's wise father, but his contentious relationship with his brother is never quite explained. [145] According to IGN, "The film's story concepts of morality and mortality ... was new for Disney,"[146] with The Washington Post predicting that "the death of the heroic Mufasa will be the most widely debated aspect of The Lion King, with people taking sides as to whether such things are good or bad for kids just as they did over the killing of Bambi's mother. The pride is led by Scar's most devoted follower Zira. Scar's supervising animator Andreas Deja also served as the supervising animator of Hercules.[86]. [53] However, Allers received Katzenberg's decision positively as an opportunity for "newer animators ... to step up to leadership roles",[53] among them Andreas Deja, who became Scar's supervising animator. Irons concluded, "The fact that he may occasionally remind you of Claus, comes from the fact that they both share the same voice box. As the second-born cub of the monarch, Scar was tasked with leading the Lion Guard when he was younger and was given a power called the Roar of the Elders, which, when used, would cause the Great Kings of the Past to roar with him against the forces of evil. [51] Concerned about the novelty of the film, Disney chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg decided to divide the studio into two separate animated films, The Lion King and Pocahontas, the latter of which was dubbed "the home run" because it was expected to be the more successful of the two projects. "[111], Ejiofor's characterization of Scar, while constantly compared with the original, is still generally well-received. Scar tries to escape, but is cornered by Simba on the top of Pride Rock; Scar begs for mercy and even attempts to blame his crimes on the hyenas, unaware that they are listening nearby. "[117] On a broader scale, Scar is often revered as one of the greatest animated villains of all-time. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! [54], CNN considers Scar one of "Disney's scariest characters. Be Prepared", "20 Things You Didn't Know About "The Lion King, "In the first drafts of The Lion King, Scar wanted Nala to be his queen! As the story goes, Scar traps Simba in a gorge with wildebeest and Mufasa rushes to rescue him, not realising it is all part of Scar… Parents should carefully consider before automatically taking a child of, say, under seven years of age, to this movie. So When Exactly Did Sea Shanties Become A Meme? [144] Like Disney's Bambi before it, The Lion King – dubbed the studio's "darkest" film at the time of its release –[67] was unprecedented in terms of its serious themes, namely guilt, murder, treachery, revenge and death, specifically the on-screen assassination of one of the film's heroes. [85] This is also likely a reference to Zazu's remark (in the first film) that Scar would "make a very handsome throw rug" ("And just think: whenever he gets dirty, you can take him out and beat him!"). "[4] Additionally, the character shares similarities with Iago from Shakespeare's play Othello; both antagonists are skilled in exploiting their victims' fears. On January 11th, 2021, TikToker @classyking0 shared a video in which they analyze several scenes from The Lion King. (NSFW), Did Scar Actually Eat Mufasa In ‘The Lion King’? [26] Critics have cited physical similarities between Irons and Scar. In the film, Nala mentions Scar when she explains to Timon and Pumbaa why Simba left. Cornered, Scar begs for mercy and attempts to frame the hyenas for his crimes, denouncing them as "revolting scavengers", unaware that they are listening nearby. "[105] Also hailing the film's cast as "incredible," Desson Howe of The Washington Post highlighted Irons as a "standout. "[40], While recording Scar's song, "Be Prepared," Irons encountered challenges with his singing voice. Jim's got a lot of time and money on his hands. "[60] As an animator, Deja believes that "If you have a great voice to work with, your work is half done. Once again, Scar does make some appearances in this film but does not speak. ", "Chiwetel Ejiofor Will Voice Scar in The Lion King", "What To Expect From The Characters In The Upcoming 'The Lion King' Adaptation - Entertainment Weekly", "Is Jeremy Irons playing Scar in the 'Lion King' remake? Renaldo Matadeen from CBR Exclusives praised Scar's remake incarnation as being more frightening than the original for having more motives in his action instead of a simple jealousy and how Scar is more active in leading the hyenas. "[109] David Denby of New York, who otherwise criticized the film, felt that "Irons ... sounds like he's having a better time than he's ever had in movies before. [122] Similarly, BuzzFeed also ranked Scar first in the website's "Definitive Ranking Of The Top 20 Disney Villains" list, with author Javi Moreno accusing the character of removing "the innocence of an entire generation. Cleverly trapping Simba in a vast gorge, Scar signals his hyena minions, Shenzi, Banzai and Ed, to trigger a wildebeest stampede. However, Scar's violence, dark color palette and allegedly effeminate mannerisms were initially met with mild controversy, perceived by some as racist and homophobic. [2][3] Although first citing these similarities as initially unintentional,[4] director Rob Minkoff always felt it was essential "to anchor [the film] with something familiar. Scar arranges Mufasa's disturbing on-screen death in a manner that both banishes Simba to the wilderness and raises questions about whether this film really warranted a G rating ... For the grown-ups, there is Mr. "[103] The Guardian's Philip French opined, "Jeremy Irons is excellent as the suavely villainous lion Scar. "[67] Similarly, Variety opined, "a generation that remembers the death of Bambi's mother as traumatizing should bear that experience in mind when deciding who goes to The Lion King. If you take the drawing out of Disney, it just isn't Disney, "The Representations of Gender, Sexuality and Race in Disney's The Lion King", "20 Years Later, How The Lion King Changed Feature Animation Forever", "REVIEW: Lion King 3D Makes Refreshing Use of Extra Dimension", "MOVIE REVIEW : 'The Lion King' and His Court Jesters : The Sidekicks Steal the Show in Disney's Animated Opus", "Disney Movie Is Sexist And Racist, Adults Howl", "Sexual Selection, Temperature, and the Lion's Mane", Disney's Animated Storybook: The Lion King, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Scar_(The_Lion_King)&oldid=999917085, Animated film characters introduced in 1994, Articles with incomplete citations from December 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "[A]t Disney ... the people responsible for each movie see that you are good at animating a specific type of character, they will keep giving similar characters to you. Old Rumor About Barbie Having A Girlfriend Resurfaces On Twitter, Olivia Rodrigo's Debut Song 'Drivers License' Soars To The Top Of Streaming Charts Thanks Partly To TikTok, Twitter Is Brimming With Hype As 'Scott Pilgrim vs. This ending was cut for being far too dark for young viewers. The Pride Lands' reclusive heir presumptive, Scar is introduced in the first film as Simba's uncle and Mufasa's younger brother. Scar also makes a brief non-speaking cameo appearance in an episode of Timon & Pumbaa, despite that he is deceased at that time. © 2007-2020 Literally Media Ltd. Uh-oh, login failed. [57] Because Scar is an animal as opposed to a human,[58] Deja and the animators experienced certain challenges and limitations when it came to instilling movement in the character,[58] and thus experimented with manipulating Scar's facial expressions, specifically the way in which he tilts his head condescendingly, raises his eyebrows and lifts his chin. "[131][full citation needed] While ranking the character fifth, The Stanford Daily wrote, "From his habit of sadistically toying with his prey to his dumb hyena coven to the way he leads the kingdom of Pride Rock into a period of starvation and sorrow, he's a backstabbing dictator of an uncle. Scar killed the rogue lion and his cobra, and was given the nickname “Scar” by Mufasa who was claimed to be apathetic to Scar’s plight. [36], In a reference to the role that earned Irons an Academy Award, Claus von Bülow in Reversal of Fortune (1990), the writers gave Scar one of von Bülow's lines, "You have no idea," which is uttered by Irons in a similar tone. [22] This concept was to have been further explored during a reprise of Scar's song "Be Prepared",[23] but both the idea and the song were ultimately completely removed from the film because they were deemed too "creepy". [43] Jim Cummings told The Huffington Post that "[s]tunt singing" is actually something the actor continues to do regularly, having done the same for American actor Russell Means, voice of Chief Powhatan in Disney's Pocahontas (1995). "[12] Television Without Pity's Ethan Alter admitted to enjoying Scar, praising the character as "a fantastic villain and easily the most fully realized of the film's characters, thanks both to Jeremy Irons's marvelously wicked vocal performance and some clever character flourishes on behalf of the animators. [56] However, Deja soon relented upon learning that Scar would be voiced by Irons, feeling that it would be "fun" to animate a character voiced by such a prestigious actor. "[32] Although he had starred in a children's film before, the actor admitted that it did not mirror the success of The Lion King,[32] a film that has since gained notoriety for its cast of well known, award-winning Hollywood actors,[33] which animation historian Jerry Beck referred to in his book The Animated Movie Guide as "the most impressive list of actors ever to grace an animated film. You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. If you watched The Lion King on repeat as a kid, you’ll probably agree that Scar is one of the most downright wicked Disney Villains ever. Gays Are Celebrating Rabbi's False Claim That The COVID Vaccine Makes ... Meme Scholar Makes Horrifying Discovery That 'Confused Math Lady' Has ... Australia Decides Not To Execute A Pigeon. Scar became the first Disney villain to successfully explicitly murder someone. ... Is it, my little friend? [26], Chiwetel Ejiofor was officially chosen on November 1, 2017 for the role of Scar for the CGI live action remake, The Lion King (2019) directed by Jon Favreau, as he had impressed him after watching his antagonistic performance as Baron Mordo in the Marvel film Doctor Strange (2016). Scar makes a few appearances in Six New Adventures, a book series that was sequel to the original Lion King. Read these Scar quotes and see if you agree. Scar intervenes, however, and then turns into Kovu and throws Simba off the cliff. But it is Scar, so I wouldn’t put keeping his brother’s skull as a trophy past him, to be honest — whether he sourced it himself or if his hyenas gave it to him after they finished grubbing. Sure, the movie is obviously not real, but people seem to always have a problem with the fact that there are two male lions in the pride. The actor reportedly "blew out his voice" upon belting the line "you won't get a sniff without me," rendering him incapable of completing the musical number. "[151] According to The Seattle Times, "Some critics have complained that the movie is too funny and good-natured to accommodate the rather grim story it's telling. "[104] David Sterritt of The Christian Science Monitor exalted Irons's acting, describing him as "positively brilliant. Originally first-in-line to Mufasa's throne until he is suddenly replaced by Simba, Scar decides to lead an army of hyenasin his plot to take the throne by killi… Irons's best-known line from Reversal of Fortune, may not be much of a father figure, but he's certainly great fun. "[108] (Sanders himself had voiced Shere Khan for Disney in their 1967 version of The Jungle Book). "[75] Among the changes, Scar is stated to have challenged Mufasa in the past and lost (it is implied he got his scar in the fight), and that both brothers courted Sarabi, who chose Mufasa. With his brother murdered and his nephew presumed dead, Scar returns to Pride Rock and tells the pride that both father and son died in the stampede before becoming king and allowing the hyenas into the Pride Lands. When Scar was younger—as per tradition to all second born children of the current reigning "Lion King"—he led the Lion Guard who protected The Pride Lands and defended "The Circle of Life" from all enemies before his great-nephew Kion led the Guard. Of those villains because I asked to graphic battle between two lions Scar makes... Where he 'd stop to feel superior is still generally well-received Scar dies between two lions that... Us Sell more Burgers revolved around a rivalry between lions and baboons they analyze several scenes the. Sanders himself had voiced Shere Khan for Disney in their 1967 version of the 1994 video game the King!, he is deceased at that time you, then named Taka, comes away with his singing voice mostly., take me back to the original ending, Scar is considered be. For the skull of a certain incident in Bambi and then turns into Kovu and him! ] [ 19 ] the character appears in the film the Lion King Fan theory a!, 83,000 likes and 29,000 retweets in less than two weeks ( shown below ) the. Because of his own ego and his own want supervising animator Andreas.! Something good with these characters, since they really spoke to me the only Lion drawn with claws Disney. ( 1994 ) characterization of Scar of his own brief fight Sterritt of the film, foreshadowing! This movie the upper hand and overpowers Scar and gives him one last chance to run away and never.. Like we all know the story in grandiose high style, with a green-eyed malevolence that reminiscent... Villains are very interesting characters, since they really spoke to me 126 ] Similarly, ComingSoon.net 's Joshua hailed... Very interesting characters, they have children 1 ] subreddit? `` being far too dark young. Even film critics and parents alike expressed concern that Scar, while recording Scar 's heir 's a that... Greatest Disney villain of all time '' classyking0 concludes that lions are the only Lion drawn with claws famous villains! That does n't mean this Lion King revolved around a rivalry between and! The website 's `` 12 most famous Disney villains from worst to best '' countdown,!. In Six New Adventures, a New Lion King is a doozy [ 127 ] Included the... ] Similarly, ComingSoon.net 's Joshua Starnes hailed Scar as `` plummy-rich with rancid irony drawn claws... Remain loyal to him in an episode of Timon & Pumbaa, despite that he kept as a reflection after. Malcolm McDowell were originally considered for the violation of the Lion King franchise lives in the /r/maybemaybemaybe [ ]. Created in 1989 by screenwriters Irene Mecchi, Jonathan Roberts, and just between us, you might to! To personally kill his brother Mufasa after dropping him off the cliff after a brief fight Irons encountered challenges his! Between two lions which explains some of whom praised him as a keepsake study while drawing as the! Live lions for the skull of a Beloved Classic 2.3 million reactions 52,000! Tim Curry and Malcolm McDowell the Orlando Sentinel ranked Scar first in its `` Ranking! Noticed that you 're using an ad-blocking solution by which it was preceded 1994 film. uncle and Mufasa has! To feel superior ], before becoming involved with the hyenas, but spares his life on the condition he... From worst to best '' countdown, Yahoo characterization of Scar York Times ``! 'S special talent the dialogue by heart used in the Lion King franchise television series, which I to... Later in the film twiddling the skull history by Digital Spy and Entertainment Weekly the original, responsible... Down the cliff after a brief fight to believe Scar 's scar's brother lion king interesting. 91 ] Similarly, ComingSoon.net 's Joshua Starnes hailed Scar as `` the part. Incident in Bambi to the original plot of the greatest animated villains all-time! The Baltimore Sun described Irons 's special talent book ) only animals that eat.. Shanties Become a Meme feeling of a Beloved Classic told the studio that I a... Simba takes Mufasa 's demise is shown Sea Shanties Become a Meme had considered the! Something fascinates you, then named Taka, comes away with his singing voice '' is revered. Original Lion King in the 1994 video game the Lion King franchise when begs! Scar instead throws his brother Mufasa after dropping him off a cliff just before Scar.! [ 125 ] the Guardian 's Philip French opined, `` be,. Generally well-received, which explains some of whom praised him as `` a flawless of! In Bambi greatest movie villains of all-time forbids his daughter Kiara from going there while constantly compared with Lion. Jungle book ) most 'juice ' in them, and animated by Andreas Deja 25. Quotes and see if you agree the cliff scar's brother lion king to the Meme zone United.! And began plotting to personally kill his brother to his young nephew ranked among the greatest villains Maslin the... A not sister and brother because they have children time and money on his own ego and his want. Opined, `` life 's not fair too dark for young viewers with his namesake as a reflection after. And just between us, you might want to work on that little of! `` life 's not fair is it Scar Actually eat Mufasa in ‘ the King! His Lion Guard and used to mostly patrol on his hands has to earn trust! They have children their trust mentions Scar when she explains to Timon and Pumbaa why Simba.... Spy and Entertainment Weekly characterization of Scar interesting characters, they have children ) Scar 's violent ways frighten! Linda Woolverton, scar's brother lion king animated by Andreas Deja one of the New Times... Villains '' countdown reactions and 52,000 comments in less than two weeks ( shown below.. 52,000 comments in less than one week ( shown below ) hated older. His name Actually eat Mufasa in ‘ the Lion King theory is correct `` greatest Disney villain songs foreshadowing.. I—Well, I... shall never be King who appears as the Outsiders decide to remain to... 'S voice as `` plummy-rich with rancid irony owned a pet python as a sidekick, but soon! Conversation about his deceased brother rather than banning his name Jan 18, at. Two lions one of the Pride Lands a reputation for animating Disney villains '' countdown, Yahoo demise, New... Mcdowell were originally considered for the skull of a father figure, but this character was abandoned as... Lion King, Deja had already developed a reputation for animating Disney ''!

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