Helpful. It is a 984 foot thick sandwich of around 24 layers of volcanic rock formed between 55 and 61 million years ago. Views of Trotternish Ridge from the drive. People are asked to stay at home except for essential purposes. The ridge is home also to the Quiraing, another landslip area of pinnacles and gullies, this time below the summit of Meal na Suiramach. The walk started a short stroll down the valley beyond the Mountain Rescue Hut and would be in three distinct sections; a long gentle path up the first 300m of vertical ascent, the middle 300m ascent would be steeper and involve some scrambling and the last section would be on steep hard snow/ice. According to AGU, this impressive ridge is the result of thick layers of basalt overlying weak sediments. The top of Coire Chaiplin (NG450600) is around the mid point of the walk and offers a water supply. The ridge rises to its highest point at the… Then it is onwards to the Storr. The summit of Hartaval at 669 m is reached after a short but steep climb - on a fine day there are good views west over Loch Snizort. Purists may prefer to start the walk from Duntulm, but a pleasanter route uses the excellent footpath from Flodigarry. Open start point in Google Maps for directions. All original content of The Skye Guide - in words or pictures - is: © 2007-2021 and is licensed under this. The ridge descends to Bealach a' Chuirn with some rocky outcrops which are easily skirted round. There are places to fall off in these parts, and not all of them are at high altitude. The best way is to follow the circular route described here. This location is a four minute walk from the Link light rail at the University St Stn & 3rd Av - Seneca Or University Street - Bay C stop. The Quiraing is situated in the north of Skye in the area known as ‘Trotternish’. This long and challenging walk takes you over one of the finest and most dramatic ridge traverses in Britain. Purists will want to continue the ridge walk, though there is one unpleasantly steep section and then a lot of bogs before reaching Portree this way. This is a linear walk finishing in Portree. We did in the rain but after ahile the rain cleared and it was a sunny day for the rest of the hike. Walking The Quiraing …. The walk was tough with a lot of up down, up down, but it was worth it since you could see where you had walked and the views were breathtaking. Click for details, Hear pronunciation Press to hear pronunciation. The ridge rises to its highest point at the 719m summit of the Storr, above the tortured landslip topography that includes the iconic pinnacle - The Old Man of Storr. A path follows the downhill slope south-west passing through a gate. Navigation from here onwards is obvious – just follow the top of the cliffs – and the slopes become easier. Follow the footpath sign from the lay-by to Loch Langaig and then Loch Hasco. Follow the undulating escarpment over a couple of low summits to Bealach Mor, before reaching the foot of the final major summit on the ridge, Ben Dearg. Cross the rounded summit of A Chorra-beinn and the final bump of Pein A Chleibh before reaching the road by the turn off for Achachork. This park is an urban oasis of forest and running water. A steep descent takes you to Bealach Uige from where the long, steady climb ahead up the flank of Ben Edra can be seen. On a clear day you should get a good view of the islands of Rona and Raasay with the mainland peaks in the far distance. Instead, having reached your southernmost summit, leave it heading north-west until you have cleared the crags and swing back round to the top of Bealach Mor. It offers the visitor a trip down it's hiking trails to enjoy the natural setting and to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The Trotternish Ridge Pit your skills, strength and stamina in a challenge on the unique Trotternish Ridge, one of the finest ridge traverses in Britain. From the summit of Sgurr a Mhadaidh Ruaidh, you can look down on Loch Cuithir and make out the lines of the old diatomite railway. Please consider setting up a direct debit donation to help support the continued maintenance and updates to Walkhighlands. In poorer weather be careful not to lose the edge of the escarpment. The Trotternish ridge is a large area with very dramatic and rugged landscape and it's beautiful to drive through. But for the full experience, a backpack, a tent and fit legs are needed. Return to the stile and then climb the cliff top south to the high point of the Quiraing overlooking The Table - the flat grassy rock feature below. The start of the walk is accessed from either of the villages of Staffin or Uig, which are joined by a single track road. The most northerly of the Skye peninsulae, Trotternish has at its heart the high ridge of volcanic rock known as the Trotternish Ridge. The pier in Portree was designed and built in the 19th century by the famous engineer, Thomas Telford. The hikes on The Skye Guide are categorised as 'strolls', 'moderate', or 'stretching'. The weight triggers faults creating large landslides. From here the ridge narrows a little and crosses four more gently undulating summits before descending to a wide bealach after Creag a' Lain. Once above the Quiraing road head down more steeply south until you reach the parking area. Though most of the summits aren't very high, it is a challenging walk with many ascents and descents. 9) Hike the Trotternish Ridge in the island's NW and experience the curious rock formations of the Quiraing for yourself. The views all the way are superb.The Storr, at 719m, is the highest of a dozen summits on the spectacular , 30km long, Trotternish ridge. However, this just made the shock of the last section of the walk even more difficult. Follow the top of the cliffs above and around Coire Faoin to enjoy the astonishing views down into the Sanctuary and the pinnacles around the Old Man. Spectacular views throughout. My view is that, given the scale of the expedition, there is not much fun in starting with these. Trotternish is one of the most spectacular landscapes in Britain. comes on reaching the road that crosses the escarpment at Bealach Ollasgairte at NG440679. The walk from the car park at NG509529 up the well maintained path to the Old Man of Storr is one of the most popular on Skye - and understandably so. Re: Trotternish ridge walk question/s SKYE « Reply #1 on: 10:13:17, 18/07/17 » There is a long stay carpark in Portree, down by the shore 5 mins from the bus stop. From here it's worth detouring a mile along the ridge to the right to the summit of Sron Vourlinn the true start of the ridge. Have you found an error or is any information wrong or missing? At foot of the Black Cuillins near Glenbrittle are the Fairy Pools, beautifully crystal clear … We start our hike in the remote village of Peinaha, where we have a long uphill walk to reach the Trotternish Ridge. Cross the road and continue on the opposite side, passing a false summit on a grassy platform before a short descent and final climb reaches the summit of Bioda Buidhe. The forbiddingly steep slopes of this peak are a nasty sting in the tail; it is best to head west below these slopes until a marginally easier way up can be found. In the beginning, you follow a trail leading to Loch Langaig, which you soon pass on your way up. This 2 night wild camping hike was the reason we went all the way to Isle of Skye but unfortunately we weren´t able to finish it. ... Its a 45 min walk there and back so about 90 min. Stretching north from Portree, it provides a challenging 20 mile walk and, although none of the summits stand much over 700 metres, tackling the whole ridge leaves you just as satisfied as the Munro-bagger who has clocked up his or her latest peak. (interesting facts I found on a sign at the trail-head). Beyond, the ridge climbs again to the projecting peak, Sgurr a'Mhadaidh Ruaidh, the peak of the Red Fox, the summit of which is reached by a detour across a narrow grassy neck. Does your firm want to sponsor this route. The steep north face of the 562m hill can be tackled head on, but it is too precipitous for a safe descent. A very long and challenging walk with much ascent and descent; surprisingly for a major ridge there is no path most of the way, though there is much firm grassy going. One of the finest ridge traverses in Britain. It depends on your fitness and experience. Most people split it into a 2 day hike with a camp or bivvy on the ridge itself. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 UK: Scotland License. There are 13 named summits, from Beinn Dearg in the south to Meal na Suiramach in the north. By the end, you'll have covered about 27km, climbed a total of something more than 2000m, and enjoyed one of the finest (relatively) easy high level routes in Britain. Despite what you may read elsewhere, there are many points along its length where you can gain or leave the ridge on either the eastern or western sides, allowing ascents of individual summits or shorter hikes along sections of the ridge. using a map and compass. The whole ridge is a high level escarpment formed by a series of major landslips – the longest in the UK. The result is a wonderful combination of unique scenery, outstanding views and first-rate hiking terrain along the crest of this undulating escarpment. In clear weather there are good views over Staffin Bay and the Quiraing. It is one of the top tracks to do in the UK, even in the world. This location is a Walker’s Paradise so daily errands do not require a car. On our tour of the Trotternish Peninsula Loop, we saved this hike until the next morning because it was the closest site on the Loop to our bed and breakfast. From the Storr follow the faint path down the flank to the Bealach Beag. Continue uphill and when below the crags of the Quiraing turn right on a footpath which heads north and then zig zags to a stile over a fence at a dip in the ridge. Take a good map with you because it is easy to get lost along this track. This bealach would also provide a camp spot and water for an overnight stay. The hills and cliffs on the island can be dangerous and the weather is fickle. The great ridge which forms … Taking a direct route to the summit would be a mistake, leading you up the plain 'back' of the dome. Continue up the long, broad slope until the summit of the Storr is reached; the highest point on the walk. Trotternish Ridge: This is made up with some fantastic walks - See 72 traveler reviews, 86 candid photos, and great deals for Isle of Skye, UK, at Tripadvisor. This location has a Walk Score of 99 out of 100. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 UK: Scotland License, carry plenty of water – there's none on the ridge itself, get the Harveys “Superwalker” map of the ridge – it's much clearer than the OS map. There are 13 named summits, from Beinn Dearg in the south to Meal na Suiramach in the north. Bus number 57 from Portree, get off at foot of Loch Langaig footpath - 0.5km north from roadside picnic area by the loch at Dunans. It depends on your fitness and experience. The summit of the Storr is the highest point on the Trotternish Ridge at 719m. The Storr Mountain is the highest point on the Trotternish Ridge at 2359 feet high. Purists may elect to start from Portree and reach Beinn Dearg via the minor summits of Pein a' Cleibh and A' Chorra-bheinn. There are 13 named summits, from Beinn Dearg in the south to Meal na Suiramach in the north. Fairy Pools. From the trig point on the Storr, a WNW heading will lead you steeply downwards, across the Bealach a' Chuirn, and steeply back up towards the second highest point on the hike, Hartaval. On the east side of the peninsula the underlying sedimentary rocks have collapsed under the weight of the basalt, tipping everything sideways to form the distinctive landslips. . 10) Take in some of the island's culture; visit the Skye Museum of Island Life, the fossil museum at Staffin (known for dinosaurs) or the quirky Giant Angus MacAskill Museum. The ridge then undulates until it steeply drops down a broken rocky slope to Bealach Hartaval, another possible place to camp. Explore the Trotternish Ridge. from the Jurassic. I had been staying at the Armadale Youth Hostel, near the ferry terminal and caught the first bus of the day (at 9.40) all the way to Portree, the capital of Skye. From here the best parts of the ridge are behind and for non-purists it is probably best to leave the ridge and head for the Storr car park and bus stop by following the path steeply down alongside the stream and then to the road - there is a bus stop to the left if your timing is right. Heading south from Ben Dearg, the escarpment begins to lose its distinctiveness and the going becomes very boggy. This ridge, which is one of the most popular walking areas on the island, runs from the peak of The Storr in the south-east, through the striking Quiraing near Staffin, to end abruptly near Flodigarry in the north. While we've stopped short of including the Cuillin due to the necessity for rope-work, we have included the spectacular Trotternish Ridge at the northern end of Skye. It was a glorious day and I was on the Isle of Skye, home to some of the most challenging mountains in Britain, but first I had decided to walk along the Trotternish Ridge. Walking can be dangerous and is done entirely at your own risk. The hike itself is a little strenuous on the final ascent, but the views from the Trotternish Ridge are breathtaking. On average, the hike takes about 1.5-2 hours. Trotternish Ridge: This is made up with some fantastic walks - See 72 traveller reviews, 86 candid photos, and great deals for Isle of Skye, UK, at Tripadvisor. You hike along the Old Man of Storr and Quaraing. Climbing up the Trotternish Ridge When I left the campsite the weather wasn’t all that bad – it was cold and gloomy, but I was already used to that. A very long and challenging walk with much ascent and descent; surprisingly for a major ridge there is no path most of the way, though there is much firm grassy going. On the way to the Quiraing Skye viewpoint, the views are already impressive with the Trotternish ridge on both sides. Information is provided free of charge; it is each walker's responsibility to check it and navigate It is a 20 mile walking trail and has some of the most spectacular scenery in Scotland. Read more. Trotternish Ridge: Tickets & Tours‎ ... All reviews uig hotel magical place small hills fairy tale single track road walk around the main road lovely spot worth a visit limited parking natural beauty passing places beautiful scenery rock formations lovely walk car park fairy pools . Skye’s most popular attraction seems a strange location for a wilderness walk, but that’s because we don’t do the tourist route. Scotland is under national lockdown. "The Trotternish peninsula in the north east of Skye is dominated by a spectacular ridge of hills that runs for over 30km along its backbone.

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