"Sir Alonne's nagamaki from Dark Souls 2. Fume is only really hard if you're greedy while Alonne requires fast reactions ... "Alonne you'll beat on your ownne. For Dark Souls II on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Elite Alonne Knight armor in Iron Keep? Rings: Ring of Blades +2. But Knight of Fume, you'll need a couple more in the room (or just to git gud)." Red Tearstone Ring Whitesteel Katana Magic +10 (Pretty pointless, but for the sake of an Ebony & Ivory effect if you want more variety for this build) Armour: Alonne Knight Helm +10. The Bewitched Alonne Sword is obtained by trading the soul of Sir Alonne to Ornifex. Katanas are a type of Weapon in Dark Souls 3. A huge ass katana (Nagamaki) that can be buffed, make you dash and cut the enemies heads off with ease if the angle is right ! Now I'm on my way to Sir Alonne and I don't know if it was the same on last gen as I have not played the DLCs on PS3, but it's the same crap here and this is getting irritating. Stone Ring. The captivating, undulating design serves to enhance this weapon's mystical allure. Block or dodge his katana combo, and you'll have a moment after his attacks to land a … Alonne came from the east, and soon became the Iron King's most trusted knight. These Weapons usually do moderate to good damage and deal Bleed.These weapons have particularly strong running attacks. Alonne Knight Gauntlets +10. Bewitched Alonne Sword. ". Feel the power of the most honorable knight, Sir Alonne of the clean floors. Alonne Knight Leggings +10. Alonne Knight The Alonne Knights' loyalty to one another is the stuff of legends, and they held fast in their positions even as the once-great Iron Keep sank into the fiery earth. Blacksteel Katana +10. When he departed, the Old Iron King bequeathed Sir Alonne's name to his iron warriors. The Mound-maker piled sacrifices upon the altar, but became the final offering himself, leaving this katana … Like curved swords, they're utilized primarily for slashing attacks. You will also need 18,000 souls to complete the purchase. Sir Alonne wields a large katana, which means two things: heavy damage and a long recovery. 001A65D0 / Blacksteel Katana 001A8CE0 / Manslayer 001ADB00 / Darkdrift 001B0210 / Berserker Blade 001B5030 / Bewitched Alonne Sword 001B7740 / Bastard Sword 001B9E50 / Flamberge ... 015FE26E / Alonne Knight Gauntlets 015FE26F / Alonne Knight Leggings 01600594 / Vengarl's Helm 01600595 / Vengarl's Armor 01600596 / Vengarl's Gloves The blades they wield were forged by one of the true artisans entertained by the Iron King during his kingdom's hayday Bloodlust is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3.. Katana of the old Mound-maker. Chloranthy Ring +2. So, I've got a Quality Build, in which I use the Alonne Knight Captain Armour, and have 50 strength, and 30 dexterity, I've also got enough Vitality to have 30% equip load, and am using the drangleic shield. "Katana forged from the soul of Sir Alonne. ... His running/teleport katana … Alonne Knight Armour +10. Alonne is fast as hell while Fume has fairly slow startups and easy telegraphs. Iron Keep HD was already complete bollocks with the 53029 dudes in armor going after you forever everywhere. I have the third dragon ring, royal soldier's ring +1, ring of steel protection +1, and the ring of blades +1. level 2.