This negativity causes diminished functionality of the cells and organs and, therefore, leads to reduced productivity. Do you always find fault in everything and find someone/ something to blame for it? The term cosmic power is generally used to denote a higher level of spiritual awareness and consciousness. [ Read: How to do OM Meditation And Its Benefits ]. Cosmic energy helps in lowering cortisol and lactate levels in the body. As you become more aware of your breath, allow your third eye to open, and the energies of cosmic consciousness will be available to you. Our body and mind are surrounded by an energy field, which is nourished by cosmic energy. The Human Beings is the greatest perfection of the energy in the matter. Close your eyes so that you can focus better. Click here for additional information . Always remind yourself that you are free to be you and what other people think about you is their problem, not yours. When you meditate, the mind and body have the tendency to become one. The crystal of the throat chakra is the Blue Lace agate or Aquamarine. when u meditate all thought processes are stoped. Zero Point Yoga: Access Infinite Cosmic Power For Healing Learn How To Channel the Unlimited Cosmic Energy of the Universe! This energy is usually in a dormant form and needs to be awakened to make us feel alive. If anything is sacred, the human body is sacred — Walt Whitman. Energies influence some of the things that happen around us from a higher dimension. It helps us be open to the cosmos’ insights and gain the clarity that enriches our lives. The human body is really a magnificent quantum physics machine. The truth is, the moon is not the only heavenly body that has a direct effect on us. The throat chakra is blue and represents the sky. Yellow Human is your Conscious Self - who you are and who you are becoming. This way of thinking is clearly anthropocentric, for it takes the human body as its starting point, but it is a vision of the body that is rooted in what I have termed an “economy of cosmic power.” This fully anthropocosmic vision has the practical—bodily—consequence of requiring us to take absolutely seriously the concept of our personal implication in the single fabric of the environment. Relationship Problems – How Does Meditation Help Solve Them? In this context, it is not solely about the maintenance of your physical structure, it is primarily about activating your body–through particular glands and organs–which is designed to be utilized in a number of remarkable and previously unforeseen ways. Cosmic Energy is the energy that is present in all things and it carries the blueprints of creation that allow a human to grow into the shape of a human and … Cosmic energy is a life force that flows through our bodies following predefined pathways referred to as chakras and through a field referred to as the aura. All life responds only to this energy. If you are in no position to rearrange your home, feel free to venture outside and reconnect with nature. When [these desiderata] are realized, illness has nowhere to abide, and … It means that we can easily connect to the flow of the cosmic energy that surrounds us. Tone 13: Cosmic - Universal Movement . The throat chakra symbol is a candle with a lit spiritual flame and a clear blue sky. Keeping our chakras clean allows for a quick and free flow of cosmic energy. Negativity will always attract the wrong situations and the wrong people in our lives. Slowly and steadily, scientists associate the energy that flows freely through our body, mind, and spirit with the cosmos. We can invite this energy into our lives and bathe in its abundance through practices such as yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and so forth. You can say the motivational words out loud or write them down. Yellow Cosmic Human . Want to know more about it? Try to look at every situation in a positive way. The Crown Chakra is activated when the third eye is opened through the pineal gland. Press Esc to cancel. 8 Instant Relieving Yoga Asanas For Sciatica, 5 Effective Ramdev Yoga Asanas To Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis, 10 Immunity Boosting Yoga Asanas To Get Rid Of Cold and Flu, 7 Best Yoga Poses To Help Break Bad Habits, Meditation – A Perfect Solution For Stress Relief. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Do you always see yourself as the victim? and they having their own electric field and thereby magnetic field. You feel as though you do not want to return to the once known. "You are a cosmic flower. You can do this by harmonizing your breathing through techniques such as meditation and yoga. If you want to attain cosmic power, it is required to let go of the superficial ego. Tell yourself good things like “I deserve happiness” and “I am a nice person.” Unless you limit the negative self-talk, you will always be disengaged from the flow of cosmic energy. When our bodies increase their ability to assimilate cosmic energy, we experience moments of utter fulfillment, which cannot be explained. This causes the body to strengthen as the energy flows more healthily and naturally. Cosmic energy is received by being at peace with one’s own self and living in the present moment. When the mind is calm, it can receive the cosmic energy. But first, I need to tell you more about cosmic energies and how they actually heal your body. This is because accessing spiritual energy causes your own vibrational energy speed to increase. In East Asian cultures, this energy is believed to crown the strength of the human. Such include life force, god force, and prana. The main application of such a program is to help individuals become who they are meant to be during their lifetime and to accomplish their destiny. Shakti represents power, might, superior strength, and capability. Hindus also associate the energy with the almighty God and the “Brahmand” in the Upanishads. The color of this Chakra is violet stone, such as amethyst or amber. Here are some of them: The cosmic force is the energy that binds everything. The throat chakra is the gateway chakra and, therefore, requires the peace and calm of all the lower chakras to open like a lotus. Cosmic energy enters our body through the mind. Human beings are an integral part of the universe and the events taking place in universe have a direct impact on human life. Learn, live and experience East Asian Cultures will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The heart chakra symbol is the oak tree, while the scent that represents it is the scent of muck and sweet grass with oranges. Once you begin taping into the spiritual energy around you, you will feel like all the cells in your body are vibrating. Motivate yourself whenever you feel that you need it. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. There was an error while trying to send your request. Cosmic radiation exposes the body to radiation in a manner similar to exposure from a medical X-ray. The Sacral chakra is found in the male and female sex organs- for men, it’s the gonads, and for the women, it’s the vaginal area. “Human beings have 360 joints, nine bodily openings, and five yin and six yang systems of function. To find out if there’s too much negativity around you, you need to have a look around you. Resource for mind-body health, meditation, personal growth, nutrition, and more. There are numerous benefits associated with cosmic energy. There more to it than that- as we meditate, cosmic energy flows through our entire body, mind, spirit, and soul. The understanding that goes beyond the perceivable world is commonly associated with an experience of “knowing God.” When the human mind is elevated to a cosmic power level, it enters a place of oneness with the universe. Find a quiet spot where there’s no disturbance. It exists in the Cosmos, in the galaxies and in every molecule of every form of existence. This low radiation dose is unlikely to affect human health. It moves at such a fast speed, faster than we can even think. These cookies do not store any personal information. It is almost impossible to concentrate in a loud and dirty environment—disorganized external space leaks of negative energy. Always control your thinking, calm, and rebalance your thoughts to reaffirm your bond with the cosmos. The moon has the power to affect our moods, spirits, and even our bodies. The universal symbol for this chakra is the spiral galaxy in multi-dimensions, and the avatar is love. The symbol of the solar plexus is the Tiger, while the flower scent represents it is the Rose. Human Being – expression of the Cosmic Energy. In most individuals, the chakras may be partially closed most of the time due to mental distractions such as stress, anxiety, fear, negative emotions and worries.