As a result, his basic abilities are weaker (much like Hinata's, as Kenma had mentioned), but his strike, height, and physical ability more than make up for it. Kenma tells Lev that trying to figure out what Kuguri will do may not be successful as Kuguri has near-perfect form. 19 (Nov 2012)27 (2021) Alisa attends Nekoma's match against Karasuno. Cats vs. Owls Afterwards, Alisa and Akane go to a restaurant and are seated along with some of the Karasuno supporters. Lev peaked out from behind his fingers, and Yaku gave him a grin that said I'm not going to let you forget this. Lev continues to demonstrate his blocking when he is able to get a one-touch on Asahi's spike after remembering to use read blocking when Hinata nearly lures him into blocking early. ... Their Younger Sister Comes Home Crying Because Their Boyfriend of 3 … 9K Views. His broad jump is successful and gets Nekoma ahead while Lev is silently praised by Kuroo and members of the crowd who think Lev is the real ace and not Yamamoto. de todos os gêneros. His father ensured that he did not over drain himself. Browse through and read haiba lev x reader stories and books . Kōshi Sugawara and Asahi Azumane ponder if the first-year that was staring at them was present at the practice game. To become Team Nekoma's Ace Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list. In the second set, Lev is able to get a one-touch on Hiroo's spike. ladoleurs. For Real!! Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Haikyuu – noya, hinata, kageyama, Nishinoya, Bokuto-san, ꧁ ꧂. When Alisa thought Akane liked her brother, she accepted it happily and thought of ways they could bond if they became in-laws one day. This is further demonstrated when Lev is able to prevent Hinata from spiking in one direction and he instead spikes in the direction where Fukunaga was waiting to receive. Thus far, he is the third tallest high school volleyball player in the series. your own Pins on Pinterest 2.5k. When he is rotated back in during the later half of the set, he misses a direct spike that gives Fukurōdani a point. Seiyu Information “What was that?” ... Lev was carrying what seemed to be a basket with a balloon and flowers. Discover more posts about haikyuu+x+reader. ... Lev Haiba (1 older sister) Kenma Kozume (only child) Yamamoto Taketora ... (1 older sister & 1 younger brother) Suna Rintarou (1 little sister) Miya Atsumu (1 twin) Her eyes are dark colored and she wears a sailor girl's uniform from her school. Voice Actor Reader Please listen to this! Throughout the match, Alisa cheers on Nekoma and Akane occasionally explains certain events to her. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. In the Final Arc, Lev has become a model alongside his sister, Alisa, and his only appearance is on a billboard advertising perfume in Shibuya. Fem. Later on, Lev is able to pull off a direct spike that Nohebi had desperately tried to keep going. From that point, the two are seen interacting with one another more and Shibayama is seen taking the role of trying to help Lev continue to play as himself and not try to play like others but Lev was seen to not completely understand what he meant. At one point in the match against Nohebi[4], Alisa excitedly cheered on Taketora with Akane by calling him "oni-chan". haikyuu!! During the second set, Lev is at the net when Akaashi and Fukurōdani carry out their plan to get Bokuto back into shape after he forgets how to hit cross shots and is baited into blocking early when Akaashi looks to attempt a setter dump. Yaku often calls Lev's hits weak as he often misses. His father ensured that he did not over drain himself. Though in place to block, Hinata does a block-out against Lev's hand and scores. Lev Haiba Weight Gain. This surprises Lev, and the competition between the two ignites. Hey! Reader) In which a bunch of volleyball players simp for Udai (Y/N), a soft and slightly aloof babygirl who is the half-sister of Udai Tenma, more famously known as … haikyuu!! He then right away assists in trying to block Tanaka. Like Lev, Alisa has become a model. From the moment of her debut, Alisa has acted as lively and bubbly, but also as innocent as her brother is. Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. Renami Haiba (Japanese: 灰羽 怜和未, 玲奈美 Haiba Renami ) is a 1st year student from Nekoma High. Posts Wiki Ch402 Discussion. The memory of it makes Lev comment how Kenma can be scary at times. Hinata is intimidated by Lev's height and heritage, and he surprised to find that Lev cannot speak Russian. he hadn’t been answering your messages or calls. He is first introduced in chapter 78 of the Haikyū!! An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Lev started gaining weight because of his unrequited love for Yaku. His face, hidden against the fabric of Lev’s tee, was flaming with blush. r/haikyuu: A subreddit about the volleyball manga written by Furudate Haruichi, Haikyuu!! "That's sweet." Manga (Timeskip) During the first set, he misses several blocks. He spikes past Kageyama and Tsukishima and scores. When Kuguri goes to spike, Lev is able to emit a great presence that scares Kuguri into sending his spike straight to Shibayama. When Fukurōdani reaches setpoint, Lev sends his serve directly into the net and Fukurōdani wins the first set. He is optimistic and enthusiastic but not loud like that of Nishinoya or Oikawa. Voice Actor share . After acting as a decoy so Kuroo would be able to do a back attack, Lev positions himself at the net when Karasuno has the ball. 6 4 46. Home town Middle Blocker Though he can be extremely blunt, often offending others without realizing, he never seems to mean any real harm and adopts a playful attitude towards most things. Follow/Fav Haikyuu! He asks if Kenma is alright only for the setter to angrily shout at him to concentrate on keeping the ball alive. Her eyes are big and adorned by thick, long lashes. Along with Yamamoto, Lev begins charging toward the net and appears to be getting the set but he reveals to have just been covering for Kuroo to approach and be the one to get the set. (season 2) Jump to navigation ... Hinata and Kageyama finish their exams and arrive in Tokyo on time with the help of Tanaka's sister Saeko Tanaka. With Yamamoto, Lev becomes determined to get Nekoma to Nationals. kageyama SWEATPANTS AND A SWEATSHIRT THAT SAYS “I WOKE UP LIKE THIS” OMG PRAISE IT. He had stated that he grew 2mm in two weeks, which averages out to 1mm per week. His presence was enough for Kageyama to silently admit he felt scared of knowing Lev was waiting. His half-Russian heritage gives him tall height, exceptional limb length, and physical ability. Lev nodded, Morisuke felt the motion against his arms, and walked for the stairs. See a recent post on Tumblr from @ladoleurs about haikyuu guidebook. The Captains Little Sister: Lev Haiba x Reader (Haikyuu Fanfiction) 149K Reads 4.1K Votes 27 Part Story. You, your older sister, and your cat were just trying to live normal lives in the city of Tokyo without your parents, but sometimes there's the occasional lit... Add to library 875 Discussion 119. Near the end of the set, Kuroo injures his finger on a receive and has to switch out. When a time-out is called, Lev expresses his frustration about Suguru and his behavior. Akaneyamamoto Instagram Posts Photos And Videos Picuki Com. Even if you never met him in person, you don't expect to fall in love with him. tanaka just boxers. Occupation Apr 22, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Kol. Haikyu!! She has been noted by Lev, Yaku, and many others to be beautiful. During the first Nekoma time-out, Kenma is put in charge of directing Lev and does not hold back on scolding Lev of continuing to make mistakes of things he has been repeatedly told to correct. kagehina, otayuri, ocxoc. She seems to be used to her brother messing up during plays and gets embarrassed every time he does, apologizing frantically to those around her. “The Arrival of Haiba Lev” or “Haikyu!! Discover (and save!) Sign up ... You, your older sister, and your cat were just trying to live normal lives in the city of Tokyo without your parents, but sometimes there's the occasional lit... Show more featured. #haikyuu #haikyuulemons #haikyuunsfw #hanamaki #headcanons #hinatashouyou #inokua #kageyamatobio #kenma #kuroo #matsukawa #sakusakiyoomi #sugawara #terushima #tsukishima #wattys2020 #yaku #yamaguchi. He has neatly parted light grey hair, and catlike slanted green eyes framed with thin eyebrows. your own Pins on Pinterest Lev quickly snaps back that it wouldn't matter how he blocks because Yaku is so good he would be able to save any ball; flattering Yaku in the process. Like the rest of Nekoma, Lev sees Yaku as a skilled libero and firmly believes that Yaku is capable of saving any ball. In the second set, Alisa and Akane would celebrate when Lev executed a perfect back attack but Alisa would once more be embarrassed when Lev sent his second serve out of bounds. He can be quite confident (nearing haughty) as well, as displayed in Chapter 199, looking down at Nohebi when he managed to smash down their receive. According to Shibayama, Lev has a tendency to self-destruct if he becomes too fired up. She is an average size for her age and has curly, light-colored hair that is tied in pigtails and clipped back with a cat clip. Alisa stays for Nekoma's match against Nohebi and gets more involved with the cheering squad Akane leads. Lev would then score with a back attack. Akane excitedly asks her about it as the players soon line up; both unaware of Yaku and Yamamoto admiring Alisa's beauty. 24 - 2021 The first time Fumiko met Lev's older sister was after she accepted to become his tutor, when Lev suggested they should study at his house was the first time she saw her face to face. Later, he manages to block Suguru but Nohebi gets the point when the ref points out Lev touched the net during the block. As the game is about to begin, Lev is admired by some of the female Nekoma students who think his ethnicity and serious expression are attractive; though they are unaware that Lev's expression when talking to Kuroo was due to thinking that he needed to run to the bathroom before the match started. musubiblog said: Hi can I request, haikyuu boys (any of your choices) ... honestly you probably thought this because of how much time he’s spend with lev’s older sister- alisa. She had brown, wavy hair while his was straight and black, her lips were a little bigger, her nose smaller, covered sparsely with freckles and she was smarter. save. She is Lev Haiba's older sister and is half-Russian and half-Japanese. Tokyo High School Student (1st Year, Class 3) - 2012. I. Log in Sign up. As she helps set up Nekoma's banner, she is spotted by Takinoue who refers to her as a model before questioning if she is related to someone on Nekoma's team. Yaku's stomach hurt from laughter, and he wiped at the corner of his eyes. The two are not seen interacting much prior to the Spring Tournament qualifier tournament. As the game continues, Lev is taunted by the Nohebi players; being referred to as a sieve when it comes to blocking. Lev// Mine 21.6K 453 1.9K. Because, despite being unable to move, unable to pull himself out of that hell of judgmental glances and hateful comments and forever watching Lev’s back as he walked away, he could hear that far off voice. Lev then becomes confused when Shibayama apologizes for not being able to receive the ball because he believes that, other than a serve, a lost point is not the fault of anyone player because all of their plays are connected. Why are you calling Bokuto's name?" + home clothes hinata he dresses almost the same as he does when he goes out - baggy t-shirt and shorts are normal for him kageyama SWEATPANTS AND A … Karasuno wins their first match on the day; however, Shinzen is able to predict Hinata's quick attacks, much to his annoyance. Lev mostly appears trying to block Sarukawa's spikers. His comments were noted by Tanaka to take a shot at both his enemies and allies. It is during a match that Lev demonstrates his whip-like spike, astounding the members of Karasuno. Neko-chan [Haikyuu/Nekoma x Reader] April 15, 2018 Chibi-chan . Another Haikyuu!! Chapter 41: Yesterday Notes: Hello ... facing the opposite way his sister had. Haikyuu Lev Sister. By: iloveanimemanga12345. Share. In the Anime JustAnotherWeeb, Nekomata Nana. Since then, he has become more calm and aware of his teammates during matches. 22 comments. When Nekoma lost the match, Alisa is seen tearfully clapping for the team. On his next serve, Lev follows Kenma's instruction of where to aim his serve in the attempt to once more force Hinata to make the receive. His face, hidden against the fabric of Lev’s tee, was flaming with blush. Haikyuu!! Log In Sign Up. Merchandise. Read Lev The Lame: Haiba Lev from the story Haikyuu x Reader by trashwhre (fdt) with 8,689 reads. Fem. Rōmaji A small guttural noise sounded in the room and everything went quiet. Family When Lev later rotates back in the game when Karasuno is in the lead 13-10, Shibayama tries to encourages Lev to play like himself though Lev would seem confused by the phrasing the libero chose to use. Lev is a half-Japanese, half-Russian first-year. “If you don’t receive this next ball, I’m aiming for your head!” They’d been at it for at least 20 minutes now. Shibayama is placed in the game in Yaku's place and Lev tries to assure him that there is nothing to worry about as long as he is there, but Kenma ridicules that statement. Gender Whether it be by holding your hand, or giving you a full-blown hug, he needs you within his reach. Yaku was able to tell what would happen and saved the ball. Haikyuu!! Alisa watches her admire her brother and mistakes it as infatuation. Debut Information It's unknown if they've known each other before the Spring High, but they appear to be good friends despite the age gap. He was not present at the practice match between Nekoma and Karasuno, due to his lack of experience. Alisa is acquainted with most of the members, but doesn't appear to be close with any of them. Height Shibayama goes in and assures Lev that he is right behind him. By LilNintendo101 Completed. Lev would soon be part of a triple block that would block Hinata's spike. Discussion. Not gonna lie, Lev probably gives the best bear hugs. Lev is very tall, with exceptionally long arms and legs. Image gallery reader, kind of sad ngl. r/haikyuu 2020 Digital Gift Exchange Sharing Thread! Model (current) Lev soon recovers and performs a successful spike, impressing Akane. But you knew once your fiancé, Lev Haiba, turned 18 you where going to get married with him since you both were engaged. Alisa does not appear too upset about Nekoma's loss but does appear joyful when she witnesses Saeko help Akane overcome her distress[3]. See a recent post on Tumblr from @mega-shsl-babie about haikyuu+x+reader. 1 Plot 2 Characters 3 Ships 3.1 Het 3.2 Slash 3.3 Femslash 3.4 Poly 3.5 Family 4 Fanon 5 Fandom 6 List Junior high school student Shouyou Hinata gains a sudden love of volleyball after seeing a national championship match on TV. During the game against Nohebi, Shibayama is the one to help Lev truly understand what teamwork really means. Log ... why can't i get a bokuto in my life, akaashi is also there, brother! share. see full image. Haikyuu Petals YakuLev_Trash. Number Kuroo's little sister finally starts at Nekoma High and is the Boys Volleyball team's manager. His first attempt at blocking Suguru fails when the Nohebi captain pulled off a feint right away. you wouldn’t hang out on the weekends as much. When Lev is next to serve, he is upset to see that he is being subbed out so Teshiro can go in as a pinch server. Lev whined into his palms. Seiyu Information 194.3 cm (6' 4.5") - Apr 2012 196 cm (6' 5.2") - Jan 2013 Anime Share. The Arrival of Haiba Lev (OVA)Center Ace (Official) : Lev Genzan!” was aired on November 9, 2014, at the annual anime exposition sponsored by Shueisha, Jump Festa. Occupation by HamFam360. Age Everyone else was out on a run, but Coach Nekomata wanted Lev to practice his receives a bit more before they resumed. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Discover more posts about haikyuu guidebook. your own Pins on Pinterest Press J to jump to the feed. Join. Goal Alisa Haiba (Japanese: 灰羽 (はいば) アリサ, Haiba Arisa) is Lev Haiba's older sister. Reader) In which a bunch of volleyball players simp for Udai (Y/N), a soft and slightly aloof babygirl who is the half-sister of Udai Tenma, more famously known as the "Little Giant." Mike Yager You called as you walked around the training camps, looking for your older brother. With this, Nekoma is able to win the game and earn their spot for Nationals. The game continues and Suguru eventually targets Lev for not being as fierce in the back row as he is at the net but Kuroo is able to stop Suguru with a block. "(Y/N)-chan, your phone's ringing. Volleyball Oinarisan + home clothes. Lev first meets Hinata at the Fukurōdani Academy Group away-games, and the relationship between the two is both competitive and playful, as the two have similar personalities. In the Manga 39. She is very supportive of Lev, affectionately referring to him as "Lyovochka" and cheering him on during his match. Mark Ishii Anime He was one of the team's middle blockers and was the self-declared ace of the team. Kageyama Miwa) is the older sister of Tobio Kageyama. Karasuno meets Lev Haiba during the first round of away-games. His first serve clips the top of the net, forcing Hinata to make the receive, before Lev receives Tanaka's spike and gets silent criticism from Yaku for making a shoddy receive. When Yaku gets switched out due to an injury, Akane sadly remarks that Yaku is one of the most important players on the team and this is his last chance to get into nationals. When Karasuno has reached match point, Lev would help Kenma in trying to block Tanaka and accidentally knocks Kenma over. Requested by Anna. your own Pins on Pinterest Character Info She appears to be tall and thin and has long, light-colored hair. 1 5 2 2 2251. Brother(Various!haikyuu x BigBro!Reader) Add to Favourites. Yaku’s tone underwent a drastic change as … When he starts blocking, Kinoshita comments how the ball seems to be getting past Lev more than usual but Tsukishima actually sees that Lev is using his blocks to direct where the spikes should go and is making it easier for Nekoma's receivers to dig the ball. save. Even if you never met him in person, you don't expect to fall in love with him. His sister rubbed his back unapologetically. Debut Information Weight It is mentioned by Kenma that Lev's technique is almost nonexistent and that his attacks are sloppier than Hinata's, which caused Kenma to try different methods to try to sync up with the middle blocker. Age Haikyuu Creature Collection - Lev Haiba 2. It's also been implied that she's a bit of an imaginative romantic, which was shown when she quickly jumped to the conclusion that Akane was in love with Lev. In the Manga Image gallery : Lev Genzan! REQUESTS OPEN Kuroo Tetsuro x Bokuto's Sister!Reader Hey! your own Pins on Pinterest Sushi (Sea urchin) Lev teases Hinata on his height, and Hinata becomes offended. word count; 648 . Alisa replies with a story of her own about how she watched on TV a match at nationals one year where an ace was injured and was subbed out. She is the younger sister of Alisa Haiba and the twin sister of Lev Haiba, as well as Yasufumi Nekomata`s adoptive granddaughter. Haikyū!! manga and the first OVA episode, shown at Jump Festa 2014. He relishes in the feeling of having smashed the ball down after their attempts but his celebration ends when he sees that Yaku has been injured after having jumped the barriers to save the ball. Though Tanaka was able to get past him with a cross shot, Lev's block did allow for Yamamoto to be in place to pick up the spike. Lev Haiba (Japanese: 灰羽 (はいば) リエーフ, Haiba Riēfu) was previously a 1st-year student from Nekoma High. Sugawara is tempted to use Hinata for the attack but hesitates when he feels Lev's presence. 15 - 16 (High School 1st Year) - 2012 Lev is a relatively inexperienced volleyball player. He is also shown to be enthusiastic about spiking as he gets excited about it very easily and can be competitive with people he is interested in. Leia as melhores histórias escritas pelos fãs de Haikyuu!! Despite that, his team still won, leaving a deep impression on her. Lev is not deterred by this information and believes he can stop Kuguri again. Discover more posts about haikyuu+x+reader. A while later, Sugawara is subbed into the game and he and Kageyama throw Nekoma off when they switch positions. Yaku kicked him gently under the table to get his attention. 10/27/2020. Lev continues to be a reliable blocker when he and Yamamoto cut off Tanaka's option for a line shot and force him to hit a cross shot directly to Yaku. Lev and Shōyō Hinata run into each other in the bathroom entrance. x Short! In the middle of the set, Lev begins trying to read Kuguri's form but misses blocking when he believed Kuguri would attempt a cross-shot and instead did a straight shot. She has been noted by Yaku, her brother, and many others to be beautiful. His older sister, Alisa, and mom would make sure he ate proper meals, preparing a balanced, healthy bento for him whenever he has practices during the weekends. Age She currently works as a hair and makeup artist. She begins wondering about what things she and Akane would do as sisters if Akane and Lev were to ever get married. Haiba Riēfu, Current Concern: "I’m worried that my brother might be really cool and too popular! Lev later attempts to beat Kageyama in a joust at the net but is shocked when Kageyama hits the ball against his arm but would be given the next set by Kenma to score. Rōmaji Background Information 2 5 52. Haikyuu!! Let's Go to Tokyo!! Add to library 875 Discussion 119. He lands a spike that puts Nekoma in the lead. Of course, Lev did not forget his favourite. Kanji Anime/Manga Haikyuu Haikyuu X Reader Nekoma Kuroo Tetsurou Kenma Kozume ... Everyone knows summoning. Alisa is taken by surprise at seeing Hinata's quick attack. ... His older sister, Alisa, and mom would make sure he ate proper meals, preparing a balanced, healthy bento for him whenever he has practices during the weekends. Send to Friend. With a striking resemblance to her brother, she has thick, dark eyebrows and long lashes. Her green eyes are big and adorned by thick, long lashes. Lev Haiba (Younger Brother) As of 2021, she is a model. At first, it seems as though Kenma dislikes Lev, but this feeling eventually disappears as the two are able to attack properly later in the series. Apr 19, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by swagmaster. Pool Party/Swimming Evenin (Tsukki, Lev, Yama, Kenma) Akiteru catches Tsukki making out with his s/o.